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  • Convert Your Skimming Visitors to Addicted Blog Readers

    … Blog readers can be very fickle – with so many distractions around, why should they read your blog? Do people even care about your blog posts? You put in your heart and soul to create and publish a powerful piece but each time, it’s tantamount to shouting your words in an abyss. One of the scariest parts of web analytics to look at is your…

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  • No One Reads My Blog. 9 Tricks to Change Things.

    … reading. Remember, people are bombarded with dozens of excellent, viral pieces of content every day. You see Charlie biting his brother’s finger, Bored Panda and BuzzFeed showing you nostalgic funnies from the 90’s, and a million other articles borrowed from the front page of Reddit and imgur. Think what you will about these sites, the content…

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