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    • 7 tips to increase blog engagement

      Do you want your readers to engage with your blog? Want them to comment and share your post on social media? Want them to come back to your blog and read your next post? So, how do you achieve that? In this post, I’ll first explain the importance of blog engagement for SEO. After that, I’ll give 7 tips on how to increase the engagement of the audience to your blog.

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  • 5 Tips To Make Your Blog User Friendly

    …-friendly stand out from the crowd. Your Content is Your Weapon: You need to use this as your blogs weapon, if you can write quality content then this is enough to gain attention in the blogging arena. Many of us just focus on SEO but neglect ours owns blog content. Be strict with what you publish. According to your blog set your standards, and there…

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  • Blog or vlog?

    … as simple as that. So, in order to make your content rank in the search engines, you should make sure to write a summary of your vlog too. At Yoast, we’ll actually embed the video in a blog post, write a little content and make sure to offer a transcript of the video as well. That way, Google will be able to index our new content and show…

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  • Why text structure is important for SEO

    … The structure of the texts on your site is important for SEO. If your content is clearly structured, your chance to rank well in Google will be higher. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why text structure is so important. How do people scan a text? Before deciding whether or not to read something, people tend to scan a text. They want to know…

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  • How to optimize your food blog

    … A very popular type of website is the ‘food blog’. Cooking and baking are hot, and the number of food blogs seems to rise. In this post, we’ll go over the things that will give your food blog just that little extra. Both for your users and in terms of SEO. Focus on long tail This might be the most important piece of advice I can give you: focus…

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  • 5 tips to write readable blog posts!

    …. Then explain or elaborate on that sentence. This way a reader will be able to grasp the most relevant content from your article, just by reading the first sentences of your paragraphs. Make sure paragraphs aren’t too long (7 or 8 sentences is quite long already). Learn all about writing a readable blog post! Get our Blog SEO eBook and fully…

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  • Launch of a new eBook: Blog SEO

    … As of today you will be able to buy our latest eBook: Blog SEO. Blog SEO is our most extensive eBook (containing 225 pages) in which we cover all SEO aspects needed for everyone owning or maintaining a blog. The blog SEO eBook is now priced at an introductory price of $19 (and will normally be priced at $25). Checkout $ 19 – Buy this eBook now…

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  • Coming soon: Blog SEO eBook

    … In two weeks we’ll release a brand new eBook: Blog SEO. This eBook will be the most extensive one we’ve published so far. Our Blog SEO eBook contains all information necessary to optimize your blog to the fullest. It’s a must read for anyone owning or maintaining a blog. SEO theory specifically for blogs Blog SEO contains over 200 pages…

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  • How to handle comments on your blog

    …. But how? Are comments on your blog important for SEO? Comments add content to your blog post. And Google indexes all content on your website, including every comment in every blog post. Do not get excited just yet, because Google will instantly recognize comments as being just comments. Their value for the search engine will be much lower than…

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  • Managing a growing blog: content planning

    … blog post? Make sure to mix these ‘current-events posts’ with the other posts you have lined up. Do you own a blog yourself? Learn all about optimizing your blogposts with our Content SEO eBook » Style guide If your blog is growing and you are working with multiple authors, composing a style guide for your blog is a great way to make sure everyone…

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  • Managing a growing blog: technical SEO

    … As a blog starts growing, you’ll need to do more things to keep the technical aspects of your SEO covered. The first thing you should do, whether your blog is big or small, is installing our Yoast SEO plugin. That pretty much covers everything concerning technical SEO. We made it that simple. But, as your blog or website starts growing, you…

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  • Ask Yoast: how to clean up old blog posts

    … overdue maintenance: “If you have a company blog with a lot of old posts that vary highly in relevance, can you describe a good process to follow when working through them and what actions to take when it comes to SEO?” Watch the video to learn more about a good process to clean up your blog! Can’t view the video? We’ve made a transcript for you…

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  • The site structure of a growing blog

    … It is never easy to set up a new blog. It can take quite some time to get picked up by the search engines. Nevertheless, as your blog starts to grow, you’ll probably face new SEO problems. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll discuss some of the difficulties you might encounter as your blog really starts to grow. How do you come up with new content…

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  • Blog SEO: make people stay and read your post

    When you succeed in getting visitors to one of your blogpost, you want them to stay and read your stuff. Readers (and especially first time visiting readers) are bored really quickly. You should grab their attention extremely fast and help them to understand the main message of your blog. In this post, I will give five tips on how to get people to stay on your site and read your post. 1.

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  • Blog SEO: befriend the long tail!

    … Focussing on long tail keywords is a great SEO-tactic for blogs. A long tail keyword strategy makes it easy to keep the structure of your blog in good shape. Also, it allows you to gradually get more traffic and to be found by new and motivated audiences. In this second post about blog SEO (read my first blogpost about the importance of blog…

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  • Blog SEO: add categories to your blog!

    … in Google. In this post, I will tell you about the importance of categories on your blog for both usability reasons and SEO. No categories Most blogging sites seem to be creating content and then putting it away, making it hard or nearly impossible for new visitors to find your content. Posts seem to be written just to be read only once. There…

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