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  • Steps You Can Take to Speed up Your Blog and Get Exceptional Results

    … Not too terribly long ago, we covered an article about 16 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog – Infographic by Cent M. First, let’s review and take a deeper look at that valuable list. Then, we are going to expand on what the Infographic presents and point out some actionable steps that you can take. Here is a recap those 16 tips from…

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  • Why Site Speed is Crucial for Every Blogger

    … which shows you multiple versions of a reduced size image and allows you to choose one to your liking. 3. Consider using a caching plugin Caching plugins like W3 Total Cache can have a huge impact on your site speed by caching a version of your website and showing that to visitors instead of loading the whole website every time someone visits…

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  • 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

    …. If they have to wait longer than that for you site to load then you’ve already lost their attention. It’s also important to note that Google announced that Site Speed has a direct impact on the way your site is ranking. Here are 10 ways to speed up your site so you can catch them as soon as they hit the page. Don’t forget to check the load time of your…

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