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    • 4 Remote Working Benefits Bloggers Enjoy

      People who have never worked remotely, who are accustomed to going into the office at the same time every morning and clocking out at the same time each evening, don’t really have anything to base the remote working structure on. However, as bloggers and other remote workers have discovered, being location independent comes with a number of benefits.

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    • How to Be a Better Financial Blogger

      Money is a topic many people can talk about all day and into the night. It’s a fascinating subject with promising potential if you address it from various angles. That’s one of the reasons it can be a lucrative blogging platform. Writers can make a profit from sharing their knowledge of the industry. But that means it can’t be a topic for just anyone.

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    • How to Get Your Blog to be Ranked like a Leading Brand in 2017

      Who doesn’t want to have a top rated website these days? The fact that anyone anywhere can have their own domain and web address where they can upload any content that they want is nothing short of amazing, but the difficulty for individuals or groups that want to create a website or blog today is that there is so much noise that they have to fight through for their blog to see the light of day.

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  • Five Reasons to Get Business Funding for Your Blog

    … Blogging is a unique business idea in that it’s possible to start and make money from your blog without investing any money in it to begin with. However, there are some problems which could arise as a result of your not investing any money in your blog. For example, without any funding, you will need to use a free domain name and unless you’re…

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  • How To Turn Your Daily Life Into Content

    … this is to look at the daily tasks you accomplish each day. For example, do you find yourself responding to readers’ questions or messages? Perhaps you can use as a potential blog post, especially if it is a question you get asked a lot. Or use a post as a chance to ask your readers a question. Who knows, your post could start a worthwhile discussion…

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  • Partnering With Non-Profits Is a Great Way to Promote Your Blog

    … Teaming up with a non-profit organization is a good choice if you want to grow your blog and business. As such, non-profit collaborations are currently on the rise. Want to find out how partnering your blogging efforts with a non-profit can help your blog grow and prosper? Read on! Increase in Audience Size One of the top reasons to collaborate…

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  • 5 Ways to Work on Your Blogging Strategy No Matter Where You Are

    … If you’re like most bloggers and content marketers, you spend a great deal of time sitting at your keyboard or at your desk, dedicatedly reading about new strategies or discovering competitors’ blogs. Your goals may include coming up with new ideas, refining your old tactics, or simply growing as a content marketer, but all of them relate…

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  • Create Credible Posts Every Time: How to Do Article Research

    … is that they feature credible, well-researched information. So how do you incorporate authoritative research into your blog posts without losing reader interest? Here are some tips. How to Do Article Research Don’t reference old news The internet is a hotbed of information. These days, you can type any question you like into a search engine and an answer…

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  • How to Travel and Blog Without Missing a Beat

    … it! Five Productivity Tips for Remote Blogging The key to traveling while blogging (not to be confused with travel blogging) is to have a good time without letting distractions hold you back. You need to find a way to keep output high, while also enjoying the scenery and being immersed in unique experiences. With that in mind, here are some tips…

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  • 4 Handy Resources to Make Tax Season Simpler

    … Tax season is coming, and small business owners should start preparing now in order to save some stress. Because we know just how busy small business owners are, we have made sure to share simple tips that you won’t consider a hassle in themselves. Tax tips for bloggers 1. Purchase Tax Software Designed for Small Businesses Tax software – whether…

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  • 4 Mistakes Newbie Travel Bloggers Make

    … 4 Mistakes Newbie Travel Bloggers Make December 20, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Earning money from traveling and writing about your journeys is an undeniably alluring concept. However, as with any business venture, success doesn’t come easily. After all, travel blogging isn’t just about constantly waiting for good deals from…

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  • The Best Ways to Avoid Distractions whilst Blogging

    … The Best Ways to Avoid Distractions whilst Blogging December 20, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Blogging seems like the dream job, right? After all, you can work from home, you pick your hours, and you’re basically your very own boss! In many ways, it is pretty amazing (um, hello, blogging in bed?!). But sometimes it’s hard…

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  • Work-Life Balance Tips to Keep You Happy as a Blogger

    … Work-Life Balance Tips to Keep You Happy as a Blogger December 16, 2016 by Christopher Jan Benitez Leave a Comment Blogging is hard work. Some bloggers end up working 10 to 12 hour days. Of course, in addition to writing, bloggers often have to do SEO work, social media, networking, and many other things that can eat up the hours. Working all…

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  • 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition When Moving Your Blog to a New Host

    … A lot of people are a bit timid when it comes to moving their website from one host to another. After all of that hard work in creating the blog, the last thing anyone wants is to lose data. However, it’s not all that difficult to transfer a website to a new host. All it takes is a bit of patience. Here are five tips to give you a smooth…

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  • Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog

    … Europe and Asia, she is now living in the United States currently writing on the latest technology trends for digital publications. Travel Blogger Teaches People ‘How To Move To New Zealand’ After Presidential Election The post Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • 5 Things Bloggers Should Know About Taxes

    … As a blogger, one of the last things you want to think about is your taxes. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t care if you’re a blogger or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. If you earn revenue in any form or fashion, then you have to report it to the IRS and pay taxes. Five Things You Need to Know Whether you’ve filed your own taxes in the past…

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