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    • So, You Want Guest Posts on Your Blog? Here’s How to Avoid Disaster

      Let’s start with this: inviting experts to create articles that you’ll post on your business blog is a smart idea. After all, your goal is to provide your customer community with topical, relevant, and original content, and this certainly fits in this strategy. Well, sometimes. That’s because if you take a quick tour of the business blogosphere, you’ll quickly discover that al ...

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    • Don’t Lose Your Travel Photos: Find a New Way to Back Them Up

      Let’s face it: Apple has a lot of great ways to backup your photos and when you’re a travel blogger, that’s absolutely essential. Sometimes, though, life takes you off the beaten path and using their cloud storage isn’t as reliable enough. Your photos are the lifeblood of your travel blog — they give readers the detail that helps your words come to life.

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    • You Should Allow Passion For Your Blog To Consume You

      As an entrepreneur, you became your own boss to pursue a dream. You started your journey with passion, and if you want to be wildly successful, you’ve got to keep that flame lit. When you think back on your life, you’ll find that passion has always been behind every success you’ve achieved – even as a young kid.

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  • Real Ways For Bloggers To Make Money Online Aside from Blogging

    … Of the estimated 500 million blogs online, only a handful are generating six- to seven-figure incomes per month. These are the likes of Arianna Huffington, Mike Arrington and Pete Cashmore, in the million-dollar marks, and Pat Flynn of, and Michelle of, earning over $100,000 a month, to name some…

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  • How to Handle Your Blog Haters to Ensure Your Safety

    … with their negativity, to the point where you feel your safety is threatened even in your physical surroundings, a firmer approach is necessary. Don’t dismiss them lightly. Act before it gets out of hand. Here are tips on how to handle your blog haters: For mild hate posters Ignore them. Many haters remain anonymous, hiding being fake names and email…

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  • Why You Should Have a Self-Hosted Blog

    … Websites including blogs continue to grow online. In 2017 alone, the number of websites that went live was almost 2.5 million with each having 3.7 users. This is concrete proof that blogs are now being recognized as a valuable resource by small companies and private individuals. It’s a fact, though, that many people who are just starting a blog…

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  • How to Use Audience Research and Grow Your Blog

    … When considering the growth of your blog, it is easy to simply consider where you want it go. However, simply concentrating on your own aspirations for your blog can be very limiting in the long term. The future success of your site depends on the decisions you make in the present day, so why make a decision without basing it on all available…

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  • 5 Best Blogger Outreach Tools to Connect with Influencers

    … blog. 1. Pitchbox Building connections is an essential part of blogging, and Pitchbox knows that very well. This is a great tool to foster relationships with top influencers. It’s jam-packed with features useful for marketing. This makes it a two-in-one tool that’s for networking and marketing as well. Its automated follow-ups and feature-rich…

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  • 5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Blogger

    … Bloggers are growing in number these days and they are in varied niches. Some engage in blogging for personal reasons such as to push a personal advocacy or simply to share their journey with the rest of the world. The others blog for professional reasons and those who have established a good reputation online are either working…

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  • Tips on Writing Tips: How to Make Your Article Stand Out

    …. But being so popular among the writers inevitably means that the readers who see such articles dozens times every day have long become jaded and immunized to their appeal. Writing yet another bland and run-of-the-mill text of this kind won’t do your blog much good – unless you spice it up. Tips on Writing Tips: How to Make Your Article Stand Out…

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  • 5 Blogging Tips that Have Nothing to do With Writing

    … Interiors that can help you get started. Remember that little things like exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, and even the way your workspace smells can affect your work. If you want to be a better writer, you need to be able to work effectively in your surroundings. The post 5 Blogging Tips that Have Nothing to do With Writing appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • 3 Reasons Why Nobody’s Reading Your Company’s Blog – and How to Fix It

    … It’s a very familiar scenario: you enthusiastically launch a business blog and start publishing post after post, but instead of seeing traffic statistics surge, you only hear (virtual) crickets chirping in the distance. What’s the deal? To start with: you certainly aren’t alone. The vast majority of business blogs — we’re talking 70, 80 or even…

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  • Top Financial Blogs to Help You Reach Your 2018 Money Goals

    … with your money management goals this 2018. There are numerous financial blogs that offer easy-to-follow tips and inspiration on how to grow your savings and avoid getting into debt including personal stories that provide valuable insights. It is inevitable for people to encounter financial problems at certain stages of their lives due to varied…

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  • 5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design

    … save you more time especially if this is something you don’t want to focus on. Just make sure to convey every little thing you want that someone you picked to execute your idea. They’ll know what you want, for sure. Hope this guide helps and good luck in making that perfect mark for your brand! Related posts: Why Every Blogger Needs Access to a Designer Quick Turnaround Logo Design With LogoBee The post 5 Logo Design Tips for Bloggers Who Suck at Design appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • Should You Blog About Your Personal Life?

    … your blogging life and personal life as separate as possible? Why You Would Blog About Your Personal Life Let’s look at some of the major reasons you would consider blogging about your personal life in the first place: Personal experiences. You might include references to your personal experiences if they share a theme with your work…

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  • 5 Unique Strategies to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

    … It’s easy to find a blog about just about anything, which means there is a lot of competition for readers—and that makes building an audience extremely tough. You have to establish trust and build a relationship if you want people to return to your blog and share it with others. But you also have to find a way to get them to your blog…

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  • What a Professional Content Production Company Can Do for You

    … or weekly blog releases and receive frequent, original content. Content production can be one exceptionally written post, or it can be several assignments, both with minimal effort and more content available to boost your business. Deliver Relevant Content Pages of irrelevant content obviously do not rank as well in search engines, and traffic is less…

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  • Stockio: A Better Option for Free Graphical Assets

    … No matter how great your content, you need to have an appealing look to really make your website pop. The ins and outs of using stock photos can be complicated and buying assets is often expensive. However, savvy users can make great use of a free stock photo site. Stockio is a great choice for anyone looking to make their blog look better. Free…

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