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    • Which Analytics Stats Really Matter to Your Blog and Marketing Campaign?

      With the help of tools like Google Analytics, it’s now possible to monitor the analytics of any website and marketing campaign thoroughly. Many webmasters around the world believe unique visitors is the only statistic worth considering, however, other important metrics need considering, too. If you are looking to take your blog to the next level, it’s important these metrics a ...

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    • Top Webapps & Tools That All Bloggers Should Learn To Use

      Getting started blogging is pretty simple and doesn’t require more than a website and a willingness to write. But moving into blogging seriously, especially as a profession, requires more time and attention. You can save time by learning tools that make tasks a lot easier to finish. Let’s take a look some of these tools and webapps that I think all bloggers should be familiar with.

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  • Blogging From the Road: Japan Edition

    … The special sauce of the best travel blogs is a clever perspective on unique experiences. You don’t want to just describe a trip you took. Instead, you want to uncover how the trip made you feel. The best travel writing hits at something deep in the human condition about wonder, novelty and the slim veil of otherness. The best travel blogging…

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  • How to Redesign Your Blog for Improved User Experience

    In blogging, there’s no such thing as permanent success. Everything comes full circle, from your content marketing, branding strategy, and web design. It’s really simple: if you’re not adaptive to the latest trends, technology, and strategies, you get left behind. For the past few years, the digital world shifted into a more consumer-centric path.

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  • 5 Tips for Creating a Home Décor Blog

    … treatments tie in with national policies like climate change. Each post supports the company’s business while the range ensures there’s something for every reader. 3. Use plenty of visuals to enhance your points If you can manage it, don’t pull your graphics from stock photos. The best home décor blogs use original, high-quality photography…

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  • 7 Tools to Help You find Out How Fast Your Blog Loads

    … That’s a great-looking blog you have there! It will be a shame if your audience leaves before they can appreciate all your hard work. If you pay little to no attention to site performance, then they probably will. According to statistics, 40% of online users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds. This means nearly half of your…

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  • 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Social Shares On Your Blog

    … in building their audience. Remember, this isn’t necessarily just to build more traction, but to grow a community. And while that might take quite a bit of work, here are a few tips that can help get you get social shares. 10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Social Shares On Your Blog Click To Tweet Your Blog Doesn’t Have Any Variety Perhaps one…

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  • How to Assure Your Customers That It’s Safe to Shop With You

    … information, you need to employ multiple methods of web security to thwart them. Implement multiple layers of protection for your customers. For example, use two-factor authentication when possible, require customers to follow password best practices, and follow all protocols for confirming payment card data on the back end. Some customers may…

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  • The Odds Are Ever in Your Favor: The Numbers Game of Earning Clicks

    … things content creators consider when building listicles, and why odd numbers in titles deliver better results. Why use odd numbers in titles Added authenticity Odd numbers are more trustworthy because they suggest the content is created out of available information versus added fill-in material thrown in for balance. More decisive Our brains…

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  • 4 Ways to Deepen Engagement with Your Blog Audience

    … Traffic is meaningless if your blog performs poorly regarding reader engagement. It’s comparable to owning a ground floor store in a crowded mall, but failing to convert walk-in visitors into paying customers. In such a situation, you need to hatch strategies that focus on building the trust and confidence of your target market – on top…

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  • 10 Signs Your Blog is Working

    … A decade ago the term blog was typically reserved for stay-at-home-moms and tech enthusiasts. Blogs were largely seen as forms of online diaries. Sure, some blogs were interesting to read but at that point in time they were not viewed as an integral component of brand success. Fast forward ten years and the blogging landscape has changed…

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  • Learn to Achieve Your Goals with 5 Secrets of Great Bloggers

    …. Many potential bloggers start strong and then slowly lapse out of posting over time. The successful ones stay the course. One way to achieve that level of success is to do as Mark Cuban recommends and “follow your effort”. On the billionaire’s popular blog, he suggests considering how you spend your time instead of what you feel passionate about…

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  • What is Cornerstone Content And Why It’s Important

    … information that you have to offer in your niche. You’re building your entire website on the basic fundamentals of your niche. It might include things like introductory blog posts, frequently asked questions, or other important information like instructions or warnings. Anything a new visitor might need to understand the content of your website or content…

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  • How to Attract Female Readership For Your Blog

    … writer, and 2. The quality of your content will improve tremendously. To start, look at safe topics you consider gender-neutral. For example, craft cocktail recipes, tips for travel, or even relationship advice can be good places to start depending on your blog. More, in coming up with content, it’s okay to ask women what they want to read about…

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  • 3 Reasons to Geek Out on Your Blog

    … The principle of Occam’s Razor states that the simplest answer is most likely the correct answer. This truism may be applied to nearly anything in life, including the blogging arena. How would we simplify the components of a successful blog? Surely there must be a formula that will work for anyone, right? And there is … sort of. It’s not so…

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  • How to Write Unfamiliar Topics (and Why You Should)

    … and get the expert perspectives. Identify a handful of key influencers in the industry and follow their blogs; you’ll not only get better ideas for your topics and headlines, you’ll also have a primary source of reliable information. Cite anything you aren’t sure about. If there’s any fact you aren’t sure you’re representing accurately, find…

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  • The Best Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

    … is the ability to leave links to resources or items of interest for others to read when they log in. No more emailing items of interest and losing track of who sent what. Dropbox Dropbox is ideal for all kinds of sharing. Whether it’s images, videos, blog posts, or publishing schedules, Dropbox helps you keep everything in one place and allows you…

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