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    • What is Cornerstone Content And Why It’s Important

      Making your website accessible and easy to navigate can be the difference between retaining visitors and losing them to other sites. Strong, well-designed cornerstone content is a major factor in keeping traffic on your site and improving your customer experience. This content can also help you improve your SEO, which will boost your place in search results and bring more viewers to your site.

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    • Understanding The Top SEO Trends For 2017

      If you want to make sure that your blog or website is going to stand out from the rest and rank well within the search engines, you will need to stay on top of the SEO (search engine optimization) trends that will be gaining some force behind them throughout 2017. Turn to Experts for Help Too many people have made the mistake of trying to wing it and do all of their SEO work on their own.

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    • How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Boring Niches

      Let’s get one thing straight: there are no “boring” niches. Some people are passionate about something that others will find annoying and vice versa. It does not necessarily make a niche boring by default. However, some niches are much more appealing than others to the public. For example, topics related to popular culture (movies, celebrities, lifestyle) will draw more att ...

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  • Learn to Achieve Your Goals with 5 Secrets of Great Bloggers

    …. Many potential bloggers start strong and then slowly lapse out of posting over time. The successful ones stay the course. One way to achieve that level of success is to do as Mark Cuban recommends and “follow your effort”. On the billionaire’s popular blog, he suggests considering how you spend your time instead of what you feel passionate about…

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  • How to Attract Female Readership For Your Blog

    … writer, and 2. The quality of your content will improve tremendously. To start, look at safe topics you consider gender-neutral. For example, craft cocktail recipes, tips for travel, or even relationship advice can be good places to start depending on your blog. More, in coming up with content, it’s okay to ask women what they want to read about…

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  • 3 Reasons to Geek Out on Your Blog

    … your blog could be affecting all your readers at any given time. The best approach is to keep writing for yourself and try not to become dependent on the approval of others. Fully self-expressed people don’t need an external reason to express themselves; they just do it. 2. People benefit from your information so don’t hold back If you fear…

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  • How to Write Unfamiliar Topics (and Why You Should)

    … and get the expert perspectives. Identify a handful of key influencers in the industry and follow their blogs; you’ll not only get better ideas for your topics and headlines, you’ll also have a primary source of reliable information. Cite anything you aren’t sure about. If there’s any fact you aren’t sure you’re representing accurately, find…

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  • The Best Collaboration Tools for Bloggers

    … is the ability to leave links to resources or items of interest for others to read when they log in. No more emailing items of interest and losing track of who sent what. Dropbox Dropbox is ideal for all kinds of sharing. Whether it’s images, videos, blog posts, or publishing schedules, Dropbox helps you keep everything in one place and allows you…

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  • 5 Simple Tips for Creating More Irresistible Product Pages

    … it Spick and Span.” If you were to have access to a portfolio of the highest converting product pages on the web, you’d almost certainly find that these pages are incredibly simple and refined. They feature lots of white space, clean elements, and minimalist user experiences. The product pages on the AYR website – such as this one – are prime…

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  • 3 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Startup’s Blog

    … 3 Things You Need To Know When Launching Your Startup’s Blog April 24, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment You’ve dedicated hours of work and stressed out over every detail, now it is finally time to launch your startup’s blog. No matter how much preparation has went into it, something will inevitable will go wrong. From little design…

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  • 5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience

    … 5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience April 14, 2017 by Christopher Jan Benitez Leave a Comment Food blogging has mushroomed in recent years so nowadays readers have more choice than ever. While everyone loves food, no one likes seeing similar types of blogs, much like no one likes eating the same thing every day. If you…

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  • 6 Tips to Get Started With Selling on Your Blog

    … further from the truth. In fact, there are a number of resources and tools that make launching an eCommerce store easier than ever. Take Shopify for instance; they offer customizable themes that make blogging and running an online store a breeze. Not only can you create and launch an online store in one day, but they have a huge repository of free…

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  • Top Mobile Technology Trends for Bloggers

    … readers are looking for advice or tips, they are likely to start their search in an app. If your blog isn’t listed in that app, you may have just lost the potential to increase traffic. On the flipside, having your blog listed in as many relevant and accessible locations as possible can give you an edge. 5 Free Blogging Apps You Need On Your…

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  • The Vital Common Sense Marketing Strategy You May Have Forgotten

    … a different set of personalized results. And when you can identify the difference between content written for visitors and content written for search engines, you can optimize your own copy to better serve your visitors. The post The Vital Common Sense Marketing Strategy You May Have Forgotten appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • 5 Lesser-Known Tips That Professional Bloggers Won’t Tell

    … content. It’s not a mandatory that you have to reinvent the wheel, meaning you can find how your competitors monetize their sites to draw more traffic. You can make use of the same idea that your competitors use and outperform them to captivate your readers better than your competitors and boost your sites’ traffic. 2. Guest blogging and building…

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  • How Dedicated Servers Boost the Performance of A Business Blog

    … Running a successful blog requires more than just knowing how to write content and how to communicate with your readers. In fact, many successful bloggers might say that the ‘technical part’ of their project probably had a bigger impact on their success compared to the content they provided to their visitors. Regardless what sort of blog you…

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