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    • These Are The Biggest Business Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making

      These Are The Biggest Business Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making September 28, 2016 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment Every business should have a blog, it is a vital tool in interacting with potential customers and getting them interested in your product or services. However, it is easy to screw up this important marketing tool.

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    • 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger

      There is passion, adventure, exploration and of course travelling, in the vast realm of travel blogging. However, once you decide to become a pro or an expert in travel blogging you are deemed to play a very different game. This intricately designed world is full of hobbyist writing about their trips and tours to worlds unknown, and the minute you want to convert this into a pr ...

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  • Dead Simple Ways to Keep Your Best Blogging Ideas From Slipping Away

    … and will help you get the vast majority of your idea down without having to move your eyes or lift a finger. Make Them Accessible to All Involved If you run your own blog, you should be fine following the advice above. But if you contribute to a blog, along with someone else (or several others), you need to have a way to conveniently share your ideas…

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  • The Fear of Blogging is Real – Here’s How to Overcome It

    … For many entrepreneurs and business owners, there’s a very real fear associated with blogging. This fear is often rooted in the permanency of words on the internet and the feeling that others will pick apart your work. The good news is that there are ways to overcome your fear of blogging and become a more confident writer. Are you willing…

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  • Building Relationships with Your Influencers

    … of the relationship and don’t forget that the influencers you work with have, in a way, the same goals and the same stakes. 40 Influencer Marketing Tips From the Pros The post Building Relationships with Your Influencers appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • 4 Great Ideas to Get More Shares on Your Company Blog

    … Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your blog? Most companies are. Anybody can generate a few leads and gain some customers, but garnering more social shares and traffic for your blog usually takes more effort. Here are a few things you might not have tried for the purpose of increasing shares on your blog. 1. Track and Leverage Trends You…

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  • Million-Dollar Bloggers Share Their Secrets For Success

    … to profiting off of their site. Blogging guru, Natasha Courtenay-Smith has written a new book, The Million Dollar Blog, which chronicles the secrets of the industry that the experts swear by. In fact, Courtenay-Smith even explains that there is a direct route to building a successful blog. For example, there is a figurative road map that you can…

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  • 3 Things Your Small Business Blog Needs To Be Successful

    …. This will let you know the when, where and whys of your web traffic. Blog, Blog, Blog Obviously, we are huge advocates for blogging but there are some people out there that aren’t taking advantage of all of the opportunities a blog can bring. If you have a small business site and don’t have a blog, you are missing out on a huge marketing tool. A blog…

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  • Your Blog as an ROI Generator

    You can make globs of money by either setting up a blog to generate more traffic for your business, or you can use it to create an online store, or to include affiliate links or as a source of advertising. The ideas are limitless. However you use it to make money, you need traffic. Without traffic, you might as well go home.

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  • 3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog

    … personality while they take in what you’re writing about; so make sure the personality displayed is a cool, calm, and collected one that people would love to be friends with in real life. There are so many different aspects that go into capturing an audience online and keeping them coming back for more. Take these tips and ideas with you on your blogging journey and you’re sure to have a successful blog with plenty of personality. …

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  • Bloggers: Jumpstart Cash Flow With These Tips

    … While blogging is enjoyable for some, it’s difficult for the majority of people. After all, you aren’t spending hours of your day behind a keyboard for fun – it’s usually work. If you really want to make money with your blog, though, you must focus on two key words: cash flow. Four Tips for Generating Some Green “When more cash is coming in than…

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  • 4 Tips to Accelerate Your Business Blog

    … or not. If you have already started blogging or are just thinking about it, you might consider some tips to help maximize the returns you can get for your investment in time and money. Four Tips to Grow Your Blog Audience Most small business owners have learned that they may not have great results if they simply install blogging software and add some…

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  • 3 Link Building Methods Every Blogger Should Be Using

    … Ranking in the search results is one of the most important factors in finding success with a blog. With over a billion active sites on the internet today and more than 300 million of them being blogs, there is simply way too much content being created on a daily basis. While most site owners are focusing solely on the content creation aspect…

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  • 3 Types of Sticky Content Bloggers Should Be Using

    … is timeless, it’ll continue to generate traffic year after year. Case Studies Part of developing high-returning sticky content is getting other bloggers, websites, and industry experts to share and backlink to your content. And while there are plenty of ways to encourage linking, one of the best is to offer unique and relevant statistics or data…

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