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    • Things to Consider Before Starting an eCommerce Business

      Launching an eCommerce businesses can be great way to get your start in business, due in large part, to the low overhead costs. Of course, costs can vary depending on your industry but you will find that an online business is often much easier to manage and will require less startup cash, compared with brick and mortar ventures.

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    • Making the Most of Personal Finances as a Professional Blogger

      Being a professional blogger has its advantages and disadvantages. On the Pros side, we’ve got Freedom of schedule, working for yourself, endless opportunities to expand into new online territory, few necessary business expenses. On the Cons side, it’s challenging to make a lot of money in your first years of blogging, it’s hard to have consistent income sources that last, an ...

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    • Security Investments All Entrepreneurs Should Think About

      Security should be a priority for any entrepreneur’s business. The majority of Internet users are innocent and are not criminals, but there are thieves, some very skilled, that make a living on stealing data and physical goods from others. Luckily, there are ways for entrepreneurs to protect themselves, and the security below will substantially deter the theft of data and burgl ...

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  • How bespoke software can improve the process flow in your company

    … value. Also, since they don’t specifically cater to your business, expect to have significant features missing that you would want. This is where a bespoke software can help. Designed to address the specific needs of the company, it helps increase your productivity and enables you to access software quickly. For instance, accounting firms can…

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  • Ways to Take Blogging to Another Level

    … We live in an exciting day and age, and it’s now possible to reach a large audience at the click of a mouse. A growing number of people are choosing to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions online, and the number of blogs in the world from 2006 to 2011 was estimated to be at around an impressive 173 million. If you’re just now getting…

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  • 7 Businesses You Could Start Right Now

    … might want to consider sticking to one topic. Then use your social media accounts to grow your blog before you consider monetizing. Some people make a successful living through things like advertising and affiliate marketing. Crafts If you have any skills at crafting, from producing jewelry to home furnishings, you could start by trying to sell…

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  • The Perks of Using Instagram for Business

    … Instagram is a social networking app which is similar to popular desktop mediums like Facebook and Twitter. The app has a newsfeed of its won and every user gets their personal account with required privacy settings. This app lays its emphasis on image-based content rather than the regular content. The images can be filtered and enhanced…

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  • Accounting Software as a Subset of Enterprise Management

    … Balance sheets and profit and loss statements that are generated through traditional double-entry accounting are the only way for company management to determine whether operations are profitable, but those reports have long been shrouded in little-understood processes that result from quarterly or monthly flurries of accounting department…

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  • Important Factors to Consider Before Investing in a New Phone System

    … If you're thinking about installing a new phone system in your business, you need to choose wisely before you make this type of investment. A wide variety of phone systems are available that range from basic incoming calls systems, to extremely advanced PBX systems that include all of the modern features today's companies require. Before you make…

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  • The Financial Goals for 2017 that Every Millennial Should Have

    … In a New Year, it is common to set targets and New Year resolutions that we claim we would abide by, many of which are forsaken before the end of the first quarter. Setting financial goals is no exception, so it is worth starting the year 2017 on a good financial path. While most people turn to credit to support their finances once in a while…

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  • Habits to Pick Up to Feel Good Everyday: Posture, Breaks And Hydration

    … It takes around 66 days to develop a new habit, and it requires that you make daily efforts to engage in whatever new behavior or action you’re trying to pick up and perform automatically. We only have one life to live, and it’s important that the habits we do pick up are good ones. While some such as biting your fingernails have minimal negative…

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  • 8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

    … Keeping costs low and earnings high is essential when you own and operate your own business. But if you or your employees work in the field, it can be difficult to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase your revenue. If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you may have already thought about implementing a GPS tracking…

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  • 4 Skills Every Project Manager Needs

    … Being a project matter is tough, yet rewarding work. Those who work in the field of project management will report that they have the opportunity to work with a swath of different projects, people, and places. Every occupation demands a certain set of unique skills that will optimize job performance and put you a step ahead of the competition…

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  • How to Attract Relevant Blog Traffic with Content Promotion Strategies

    … Did you know that around 2 million blog posts get published every single day? That’s a huge volume of content for Internet users, but guess what: only few of those posts attract a great deal of traffic and convert the visitors to subscribers. The huge activity in the blogosphere is an opportunity, but it’s also a challenge. You’re allowed…

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  • Do You Really Need To Blog Everyday To Get Results?

    … If you want to get your blog noticed by Google and the other search engines, do you really have to blog everyday? When I started my first blog a few years back I remember reading somewhere that if you wanted to get your blog ranked on the search engines, you only had to write and publish a blog once per week. For whatever reason, the once-a-week…

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  • 3 African Entrepreneurs Overcoming the Odds & Helping Others

    … and maintain. However, he also mentions that before companies like Western Union existed, it was incredibly tough for people in 3rd world countries to receive money from abroad. He attributes the success of his business to the fact that Western Union has allowed him to receive money easily and grow his business. George’s drive to build his…

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