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  • 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About Email Encryption

    Many people assume that email is a secure way to share information. It’s password protected, so it shouldn’t be easy to hack, right? Unfortunately, that’s far from true. Email is a common point of entry for spammers who want to harm your business or steal information. If you’re a small business owner, you should be aware of the security risks with email, as well as the service ...

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  • 4 Helpful Tips for Growing Your Home-Based Business

    … necessarily the case. While most start small, successful ones scale into fairly decent-sized operations. If you’re looking to grow your home-based business over the next few months and years, here are some tips that will allow that to happen. Avoid Scaling Prematurely The worst mistake you can make is scaling prematurely. While you may want to grow…

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  • Five Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing Efforts

    … Most companies start out with a very small team, so responsibilities are shared across the board. This becomes a burden when the enterprise reaches a certain stage, necessitating greater specialization and collaboration with outside specialists. Marketing is among the activities that are often handled by an external firm, in part because…

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  • Putting the Consumer at Ease: A Guide to Location-Based Advertising

    … Location-based advertising allows consumers to come in contact with advertising based on their actual needs and interests, sorting past all those other things they don’t actually care about. It also allows small businesses to dodge uninterested consumers and appeal specifically to their target group. It sounds like a win-win situation…

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  • Why Choose Cloud Hosting Over Shared Hosting or VPS

    … Why choose cloud hosting over shared hosting or VPS? With how popular cloud hosting has become nowadays, this is a question many small business owners are asking themselves. Lots of cloud hosting providers are offering free trials as well, which only provides more temptation to switch. What advantages does cloud hosting offer over shared hosting…

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  • Follow Back? Why ‘No Follow’ Tags Are On The Rise

    … whether or not this is still a sound strategy. In a video released in December 2017, Google’s John Mueller suggested to “nofollow” all guest blog post links. For those who aren’t familiar, “nofollow” refers to the use of the “rel=nofollow” tag in a link’s URL. It essentially blocks “link juice” from being passed on from one site to the next. While…

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  • Tried and Trusted Non-Digital Marketing Strategies Still Prove Worthy

    … clients’ concerns, you will never grow in size and make it to the next level. The reason is simple, if as many leave as you bring in you won’t budge, you’ll remain the same. And, when the word gets out about your lack of customer service, you could end up losing even more clients. This makes all your hard work and money invested a waste of time…

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  • Is It Possible to Start a Blog for Fun and Make Money?

    … There are hundreds of good reasons to start a blog, but most of them fall into one of two categories. You either start a blog because you want to make money, or to advance your career in some way, or you start a blog for personal enjoyment. You can think of it much like sports in this way; some people play sports to be competitive and push…

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