• 11 Actionable Blogging Tips to Make Content Findable

      Is Your Blog An Easter Egg Hunt For Quality Content? Do you make blog content findable? Or do visitors think your blog is an Easter egg hunt for quality content? Unlike colorfully dyed eggs, your best blog content may lack the appropriate brilliance to shine through the information available across channels. To make your blog content findable, dress it up so it stands out.

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    • 5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Build a Loyal Readership

      Building a solid reader-base is without doubt something every blogger is striving for. That is the first step to actually converting your visitors and making them part of your brand. In blogging making money is not a direct result from traffic. Everyone who’s been writing and publishing for more than a couple of months knows that there is more to it.

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  • What It Takes to Be a Successful Brand Ambassador

    “Like Mike. I wanna be like Mike…” Do you remember the Gatorade commercials from the 1990s that featured Michael Jordan? Or maybe you remember the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan commercials for McDonald’s. Celebrity endorsements are certainly nothing new and they continue to be an important part of the marketing efforts of large, multinational mega corporations.

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  • Blogger Gives His Secret To Becoming A Millionaire By Age 30

    … Grant Sabatier is the mastermind behind the successful blog, Millennial Blog, as well as the vice president of digital strategy at Eduvantis. He shares his secrets to success and how he went from broke to millionaire. Recently, during an interview with Here and Now’s Robin Young, Sabatier was asked about his strategy to success. “The biggest…

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  • 4 Unexpected Challenges that can Come When Working with Freelancers

    Running an online business has it’s pros and cons. One of the many benefits however, is having the ability to hire freelance workers and virtual assistants around the world to complete tasks for you. Such tasks usually outsourced to freelancers include content creation, social media management, design work or anything else that you might be able to teach and automate.

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  • 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Squeeze Page

    …, I hope you found the 7 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Squeeze Page helpful. If you feel that others may benefit from the information contained within it, please feel free to share using any of the social media share options below: Many thanks -Jon PS. Click The Button Below to Take a Look at One of my Typical Squeeze Pages in The Make Money Online Niche That I use to Add Between 50 – 100 Subscribers to my Email List Everyday……..Then Feel Free To Copy It! Share on Facebook …

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  • Why Goal-Setting Goes Wrong and How To Fix It

    … Its normal we all set goals and having them can help with your productivity. I’ve researched several successful entrepreneurs and found something in common with all of them – they all set monthly goals checking them off as they are completed. Did you know the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are prolific goal setters making sure they write…

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  • How to Write Engaging Emails – 6 Simple Tips

    … the moment you start crafting an email? Chances are, you’ve already written what you’re trying to say somewhere else, so don’t panic! You see, many business owners already have the content they need — it just might be in a Social Media post or even in a previous individual email to a customer. The important thing to remember here is, as long as it’s…

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  • 5 Unique Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic in 2017

    … 10 years ago you could hit publish on a blog post, sit back, and watch the traffic roll in… But in 2017 things are different. Even with the growing emphasis on content promotion and social media distribution, it’s still getting harder and harder to consistently generate website traffic organically. It’s more competitive to rank in search…

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  • Is WordPress Still the Best?

    I am a huge fan of WordPress. I’ve run my business on it for a decade, recommended it to thousands and feel eternally grateful for what it’s allowed me to do. But is it still the best option? As you might have noticed, the blogging scene has changed a lot in the last five years. There’s free platforms like Tumblr and Medium that are now absolutely booming and doing things s ...

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  • Five Reasons to Stop Putting Off Starting Your Business Blog

    … Five Reasons to Stop Putting Off Starting Your Business Blog April 25, 2017 by Aaron Leave a Comment Blogging is a very powerful, well-known method of promoting your business online. But, the fact that a blog requires a lot of time, dedication and effort to be effective often puts many business owners off from starting one. But, running…

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  • 6 Big Lessons Eddie Huang Can Teach Internet Marketers

    …. Where he may not be quite as strong is with the day-to-day logistics and operations of a brick-and-mortar business. That’s a part of the reason why his brother Evan took care of the day-to-day of running Baohaus, their New York eatery, while Eddie Huang took care of other things. Making money online is much the same. Focus on your strengths…

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  • Creative Productivity Tips for Bloggers

    … Once every week, I like to write about motivation, success, and productivity. When you’re a blogger, it’s very easy to lose motivation because progress does take time and with enormous competition, it can be tough to stay positive. However, over the years, I’ve learned to utilize cool tips to keep me moving in the right direction. For example…

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  • Completed – Rate and Review All People in Business

    … Reviews, recommendations, and personal testimonials are at the top of the list when it comes to research and influence in a buyer’s decision process before a purchase is made. In addition to the power of a high-quality and trusted review, the business and revenue generated from such reviews can also be worth millions. In fact, just the mere…

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  • Ask Yoast case study: SEO of an online shop

    … SEO can be really complicated! How do you start with improving the structure of a site? How do you write amazing and SEO-friendly articles? To help all of you with your SEO strategy, I’m writing a series of Ask Yoast case studies. In these case studies, I’ll take a look at a specific site (the owner knows about it of course :-)), and I’ll give…

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