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  • How to Use KWFinder for Long Tail Keyword Research

    Are you looking for a way to quickly find the best keywords for your website? The kind of niche keywords that will help you secure top rankings on Google? KWFinder is a powerful tool to help you do just that. KWFinder is a keyword research tool that will help you identify the best long tail keywords to target – those that hit the sweet spot of high search volume and low competition.

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  • How to improve Google Ranking with H1 Tags

    … the H1s, including the SEO requirements which will help your onsite SEO. This post gives you all the detail you need. In the video I give you a demo of creating a H1 tag and using the tools to identify them. What is a H1 Tag? When you’re creating a document in Microsoft Word or similar programs, you can section off your document. You can put…

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  • How to Solve Your Biggest WordPress Page Speed Problems

    … loading times improve. GUEST POST: This is a guest post from Mike Wallagher from Start blogging online Test Your Plugins One of the biggest culprits of slow WordPress sites is the plugins you install. Installing too many means that users have to download more files when they visit your site, which takes the site longer to load. Installing one…

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  • Monetize Your Online Presence with the PRISM Funnel

    … Do you ever wish there was a process to follow to build online sales? I was recently training a group of entrepreneurs and they were daunted by the amount of work required to build an online business. It is daunting. It involves social media, blogging, social advertising, SEO, sales funnels and much more. And… why don’t we add live streaming…

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  • Facebook Conversion Tracking for Smart Marketers!

    … *** Note: conversion tracking is changing so when it’s rolled out I’ll update this… When you run ads on Facebook driving people to your website are you tracking conversions? In other words, are you investing money on Facebook or wasting it! Guilty as charged – I have set up ads before on Facebook and not implemented conversion tracking…

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  • Blog Topics: How to Come Up With Blog Post Topic Ideas!

    If you mess up with the things you write about on your blog, you can say goodbye to any juicy traffic from Google. But – with the right ideas – your traffic will grow every week. Are you curious about how to find the right topics to write about? Well then… … You might as well read on.. Look: Google is changing. I’m sure you have noticed. So many algorithm updates.

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  • 123 Content Marketing Tools from Industry Professionals

    What tools do you use to market your content online? They could be tools to help promote your content, analyze results, share content on social media and more. We reached out to some of the top content marketers in the World and asked them about their favorite tools. What is Content Marketing and what tools are relevant? Content marketing is a term that is often confused.

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  • Google Analytics Bounce Rate Reference Guide

    … What percentage of your visitors arrive on a piece of content on your website, decide it’s not for them, and then leave without visiting any other pages on your site? They’ve just bounced. What is bounce rate in Google Analytics? Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits to your website. Your bounce rate reflects people who arrive…

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  • The Complete Guide To Holding A Facebook Sweepstakes

    … What if you could run a Facebook sweepstakes that not only drives countless leads but a flood of sales? People would consider you a marketing hero! I’m all about using systems to replicate successful marketing campaign launches. I pride myself on the countless hours and nights it took to build this system that I’m giving to you. I’ve used…

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  • Blab Tutorial: To Blab or Not To Blab, That is the Question

    … Are you a blabber?? In Ireland, a “blagger” is someone that makes up things all the time, but a “blabber”… well that’s a new one to me! In this article, we talk about the new live-streaming service called Blab. We’ll talk about its potential, the functionality available and why you need to consider it! What is Blab? Blab is a video live…

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  • How to Use Long Tail Pro for Keyword Research

    Are you looking for an efficient way to research keywords for your website? Do you want an easy way to find the best keywords to rank in Google? Do you know how to track how well your website is ranking for your target keywords? Long Tail Pro is a tool that allows you to do detailed keyword research with a user-friendly interface.

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  • How to Use Topsy for Social Media Marketing

    … Do you know how many people have tweeted your latest blog post? Do you know how many of those people are influencers? The more we can learn about people and posts on Twitter, the more we can improve our social media marketing. Topsy is a tool that you can use to get lots of information about tweets. So, if you want to know who’s sharing your…

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  • How to Create an Editorial Calendar for your Blog

    … planned out for the next few months? Do you know what you are going to write about? Do you know what help is required to deliver all the content? Here is a guy who has been blogging for years and was finding it difficult every day to work out what to write… when we told him about the editorial calendar software he was quite upset about…

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  • Marketing Automation for Social Media – Bad or Good idea?

    … When you put automation and social media together in the same sentence, you get a mixed response. “I love automation, lets automate everything!” …or… “I love authentic communication, so lets automate nothing!” The correct answer lies somewhere in between. I just hate tools that try to automate engagement. For example, automatically liking…

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  • 6 Facebook Management Tools to Manage Your Daily Activities

    … Using Facebook to run and promote your business is no easy task. It’s not just about posting great content and doing so regularly, there are lots of other tasks to keep on top of: there’s lead generation, running promotions, social listening, scheduling appointments, selling, advertising… and so on, all of which are a critical part of business…

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