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    • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

      By Mark Schaefer For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a project I’ve called the “re-invention of the blog.” My vision is to create a space that was more than content … it would also present my ideas in such a beautiful, creative and interactive format that the presentation would be as conversational as the content.

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    • The Impact of Social Media on Small Business Blogging

      Social media can have a massive impact on small businesses that are in the process of growing. And if a business has a blog, that combination can have even more power. You won’t be able to know just how strong of an impact social media can have until you try it yourself. Go on, give it a shot! If you own a small business, make a blog on the side that is related to your business.

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    • Why You Should Republish Your Blog Content On Medium

      People are republishing their content on different sites more than ever. LinkedIn. Facebook. Quora. Flipboard. Even sites like Business 2 Community and The Huffington Post. My question, is why aren’t you? Especially when there’s a new social platform going full throttle with 800k+ visitors coming on a daily basis. Let me introduce you to Medium.

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  • How to Select a Niche for Your Blog

    …, tailor your online networking engagement, and center your internet search endeavors for long-term results. These tips will help you decide which niche you want to choose. Don’t wait until you figure it out somehow; start working on it instead. The answer to your question is just around the corner. Happy blogging! …

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  • How to Write a Powerful Blogger Bio

    … Professional bios are one of the most powerful marketing tools in a blogger’s toolbox. What makes them powerful? You. A bio is your professional story. It speaks to who you are, what you do, whom you serve, and what you’ve accomplished. Details about your blogging life, accomplishments, community service and hobbies are just a few things your…

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  • The Shocking Truth About Blogging (Why I Almost Deleted My Own Blog)

    … in my mind, I could feel that something about my blog was wrong. All I wanted to do was walk away and never come back to blogging again because I had started to see it as a scam. I wondered why others were making money from blogging when I was not. I had done everything I was supposed to do. Or were people like Pat Flynn, Matthew Woodward…

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  • 6 Ways to Increase Your WordPress Site Speed

    … Today, people in society are looking for information in an instant, and a slow website will simply not satisfy their needs. If you are making your income from your website, time truly is of the essence. Did you know that a decrease in load time by just 1 second can lower your sales by 7%? So what measures can you take to ensure you have…

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  • Case study: Small business content marketing success

    … success story and we’ve been interviewed on podcasts and radio. In early 2016 we were finalists in the Irish Franchise Awards. I’ve also had the opportunity to re-purpose our content and expand our reach by distributing our content at sites like The Huffington Post. Following the interest in my story, I’m now using my love of blogging to help other…

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  • The World’s Best Blog Sites and How to Create Your Own

    … to actually pay for it. Before we move on…don’t think that if you “build it, they will come”. That’s just not true about the blogging sphere. It takes consistent hard work to earn the status of a “best blog site”. Step 1: Research your target audience persona It’s probably this step that is single-handedly the most neglected area when it comes to blogging…

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  • 7 Key Writing Tips Used by Pros

    … There are a number of techniques skilled writers use to make their words compelling enough to grab the attention of readers and to effectively convey their messages. If you master 7 key writing tips, you will enhance your ability as a writer and stand out from the crowd. Practice Your Craft Regularly We’ve probably all heard the saying…

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  • 5 Hosting Facts Every Blogger Newbie Should Know

    … There are 5 hosting facts every blogger should know, but which are easy to overlook if you are a newcomer to the blogosphere. One of the first steps you need to take when building a blog is to register and host your very own domain. However, many newbies breeze through this process and overlook the importance of choosing a quality web host…

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  • 5 Principles for Becoming a Master Blogger

    … Anyone who runs across you online sees you as just another blogger in the wide world of the internet. So how do you influence that person’s opinion about you through one simple encounter? How do you go about becoming a master blogger? The key to growing your skill as a blogger is taking steps to turn your introverted website presence…

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  • Frugal Living as a Freelance Blogger

    … Freelance blogging is a great way to make money from home. The pay can be low in the beginning, but many of us do make a living with our writing. While there’s a financial tradeoff when you’re a struggling writer, frugal living is definitely worth the flexibility and creativity that being a freelance blogger provides. The Right Place to Plant…

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  • Looking for a job? Here are 8 reasons you need to blog

    … you think? How has blogging helped you in your professional life? The post Looking for a job? Here are 8 reasons you need to blog appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Comments I love the idea of extending the interview by directing the ... by Miriam Libove By: Week Five: Naomi Timperley – Being…

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  • How to Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation While Still Maintaining Your Blog

    … Vacations enable us to get away from our routines and have a relaxing time, and most of us want to relish our vacations when we actually have opportunities to take them. However, no matter how wonderful your plans might be, there might be one hiccup to your dream holiday: you are a blogger. What is more, you are one of those bloggers who blogs…

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  • Research proves there is still a place for long form content

    …% of long-form interactions take place in the first three days. There is another aspect to long-form content overlooked by many marketers today. Buzz Sumo, The New York Times and other organizations have determined that longer content gets shared more. I think the lesson here to re-think your strategy if you’re only dosing your customers with short…

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