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  • Three ideas to end the social media poison

    … of nightmares. But as the Chinese symbol for crisis consists of “danger” and “opportunity,” we can use these uncertain times to help our online businesses and others in the process. I’ve listed three tips to make 2017 our best (online) year ever, despite the ever-present poison. 1) Guard your attention I recently talked to a friend who had previously toiled…

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  • How to Properly Identify Your Target Audience

    … to utilize that resource for content marketing or one-off marketing studies. When you’re just starting your business or rebranding it, it’s best to use a market research agency to find your target audience. Why You Need a Market Research Agency For many small business owners, the Internet is their sole reference source. But a Google search just isn’t enough…

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  • Setting up Your For Hire Page: Do’s and Don’ts

    … Blogging Opportunities 3 Keys to Getting Your Prospects to Hire You How @YoungPrePro 17 year old Blogger Made over $5000 Last Month NOTE from GAIL @GrowMap: Working with someone with experience – someone who actually MAKES MONEY ALREADY and has a vast business background – are the most important attributes needed for success. When you’re…

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  • If you’re preparing a roundup post, stop this right now

    … By Mark Schaefer This week I received a request for a contribution for a roundup post. The author said the post was going to be called “Best social media tips.” I’m normally happy to help people with posts like this, but my return question to the blogger was this: How many other roundup posts have already been written about social media tips…

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  • Blogging in 2017 and Beyond: What Will Change?

    …, the former head of Google’s web spam team, social media shares should not be seen as short term payouts, but long term investments. To encourage sharing, the most important strategy you can now employ is relevance. What is the Status of User-Generated Content? Until now, we’ve read about how to create a blog and how to choose a website builder. It is rather…

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  • 10 Blogging Business LIES I Learned from Mentors to STOP Believing

    … influence others because of the value you provide. Click To Tweet 3. Blog More and Grow Your Blogging Business It takes far more than blogging practice for blogging success. Clarification All skilled bloggers actively listen to their audiences. They listen to their audiences’ words, meanings, and points of view. Listening helps bloggers to shift…

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  • Learn to create effective content by putting it through the RITE test

    … By Mark Schaefer Here’s a proven method to consistently create effective content: Put it to the RITE test. RITE is an acronym that stands for Relevant, Interesting, Timely, and Entertaining. If you create content that hits at least three out of these four angles, you’ll be spinning gold my friend. Let’s take a deeper look. Relevant What if you…

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  • Medium’s dark power

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Medium can seem like the Dark Side to a marketing Padawan. Its dominance calls to us — but we’ve been warned by our elders that owned media is the only true road to power. Most marketing blogs will have an article about how to use Medium as a marketer. Very few of these articles go into depth…

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  • Do you have to be a great writer to be a great blogger?

    … By Mark Schaefer If you’re not confident in your writing skills, can you still be a great blogger? Let’s be honest. Good writing matters. But there are a few simple ideas any one can learn to dramatically improve the quality of their blog posts. Let’s take a look at a few tricks of the trade to help you sharpen your writing skills. Read it out…

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  • I love big blogs and I cannot lie.

    … By Mark Schaefer I recently attended a conference where the presenter claimed that people have an average attention span of eight seconds. He strongly urged people to create content that could capture somebody’s attention in that amount of time (and he was selling a product to do it, too!). I don’t buy into this. In fact, I have an alternate…

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  • How do I find time to create content? 25 Ideas!

    … having the time, it’s whether you have the tenacity and drive to do it … and keep doing it. There’s probably nothing I can write that can impact your determination, but I can provide you with 25 ideas and best practices to help you squeeze more content-producing productivity out of every hour. Focus. Don’t try to be everywhere and on every…

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  • 10 Exciting Content Marketing Trends for 2017

    …, Budgets, and Trends – North America report shows promising change for content marketing: 86% of B2C marketers are using it. 63% are either much or somewhat more successful with content marketing than they were last year 25% are either extremely or very successful with their content marketing approach 60% are either extremely or very…

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  • How to become an influencer (even if you’re a little guy!)

    …. Start small. Go for broke AFTER you’ve established a brand for yourself. This is exactly what I had done when I started blogging. I wrote primarily on Twitter because I was fully utilizing a very new platform at that time. Twitter was once a niche, believe it or not. Many still remember me because of how my articles have helped them and I’ve become…

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  • Why You Should Republish Your Blog Content On Medium

    … to Medium. Compared with other platforms, Medium is the perfect place to share your stories , whether you do so for personal or for business reasons. How is it ideal? Well for one, it’s free. Secondly, the engagement rate is impressingly high. Now I can go on and on about all the amazing things Medium has to offer. But for your convenience, I’ve put…

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