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    • 5 Ways to Work on Your Blogging Strategy No Matter Where You Are

      If you’re like most bloggers and content marketers, you spend a great deal of time sitting at your keyboard or at your desk, dedicatedly reading about new strategies or discovering competitors’ blogs. Your goals may include coming up with new ideas, refining your old tactics, or simply growing as a content marketer, but all of them relate to strategic improvement.

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  • The Impact of Social Media on Small Business Blogging

    … information on your company blog. Make a separate blog for personal posts. Increase website traffic Once you start business blogging, you will notice an increase in website traffic just because you started a blog that follows your business. It’s simple – the more information that’s available to customers, the more trust they will have in you…

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  • What Social Media Marketers Need to Know About Facebook Live

    …: As with any channel, it’s all about relevancy, authenticity, and providing something of value to your audience. Put their needs first, and you can develop a strategy for success. Does your brand plan to jump into livestreaming? Are you already enjoying success with the platform? Let me know in the comments. Gain a competitive advantage…

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  • Avoid Content Ennui: 10 Creative Blog Types to Serve Your Audience

    … When it comes to blog content, a lot of us are serving breakfast when we should be serving dinner. Let me explain. Odds are you have a go-to breakfast that you eat nearly every day. A bowl of cereal with a banana, some oatmeal with maple syrup, a haunch of beef seasoned with the tears of your enemies—generally there’s not much variety from day…

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  • How to Select a Niche for Your Blog

    …, tailor your online networking engagement, and center your internet search endeavors for long-term results. These tips will help you decide which niche you want to choose. Don’t wait until you figure it out somehow; start working on it instead. The answer to your question is just around the corner. Happy blogging! …

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  • The Shocking Truth About Blogging (Why I Almost Deleted My Own Blog)

    …. Remember, no successful blog on the internet became that way by accident. Those blogs became popular because they followed a consistent schedule, and that’s what you must do. Blogging is not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. That is why those who jump into blogging without being ready for it usually jump out same way. Like Social Media…

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  • Why You Should Benchmark Your Blog Post Performance [Infographic]

    … perform to an A grade standard, your overall share count month over month can still be low. That’s why it’s a good idea to track your monthly metrics to see how your blog is performing overall, so you can recalibrate your content strategy accordingly. You can read the full content marketing benchmark study on our blog. …

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  • Content Marketing for Business Professionals in a Hurry

    … website content design firm, to deliver a winning content marketing strategy for your company. We can help you with every step of your content marketing strategy, from responsive website design, to expert SEO content writing services, monthly content marketing packages, and more. Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 for complete…

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  • A Proven Blogging Strategy that Works in Any Niche

    … Today I want to give you a few ideas on how to develop a blogging strategy that will grow you blog regardless of the niche you’re in. I bet you’ve got a few subscribers on your blog. You might even have a pretty decent trickle of traffic coming in from Google. Those things are awesome. But why can’t you crack through to the next level? Why…

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  • What is Content Marketing?

    … is a foundation of virtually any company. Companies tend to regard the blog as a one-at-a-time strategy, but it’s truly a recurring revenue and compounding interest strategy. Every blog post can be found and referenced every day to increase your ability to attract, retain and upsell customers. Blogging for business provides the food for search…

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