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  • Do you have to be a great writer to be a great blogger?

    … in the blogging world because people don’t have the patience to wait for your conclusion. Start with the conclusion and then explain it. I see too many posts that do not get to the guts of the issue until you are one-third down the page. The magic of RITE In my classes, I urge students to create content through the filter of RITE. It should…

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  • Case study: Small business content marketing success

    … success story and we’ve been interviewed on podcasts and radio. In early 2016 we were finalists in the Irish Franchise Awards. I’ve also had the opportunity to re-purpose our content and expand our reach by distributing our content at sites like The Huffington Post. Following the interest in my story, I’m now using my love of blogging to help other…

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  • An 8-Step Formula for Blogging Success

    … Millions of people start new blogs every month but not many of them achieve success. And while some elements of blogging can be complicated, the overall strategy is not that hard. If you look at almost any successful blog you’ll notice the same few elements. The trick is to work consistently and cleverly on those elements while not getting…

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  • Does Your Blog Deliver a Positive User Experience?

    … By Linda Dessau, {grow} Community member You know how some people’s houses feel warm and welcoming, and people enjoy hanging out there? You want your blog to be just that kind of place. In website terminology this is called user experience (UX), and can be a content marketer’s invisible advantage. Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman explain…

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  • What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?

    …, and customer needs when deciding what kind of content is best for your business. What is the ideal blogging frequency? Like almost every business question, the answer is, “It depends!” Certainly consistent posting is a key element of success for a number of reasons: 1) Consistent posting “trains” your readers to expect something and builds…

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  • Monetizing blog comments: Why your blog is economic gold

    … have to do what is right for you. But I did want to provide an alternate perspective because I know that for many bloggers, there certainly is an opportunity for monetizing through blog comments. Unless you’re tipping toward Elvis too, your blog commenters may be your most important reliable reach and economic engine. I’m keeping the lights…

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  • Creating the beautiful blog with Stanford Smith

    … for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time In this short video interview he covers: The importance of comments — a place to find your voice. How we engage with our audiences beyond comments The blogging trend that energizes him. The emerging form and beauty of blogs. Creating a “blogging experience.” The common thread of great…

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