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    • So, You Want Guest Posts on Your Blog? Here’s How to Avoid Disaster

      Let’s start with this: inviting experts to create articles that you’ll post on your business blog is a smart idea. After all, your goal is to provide your customer community with topical, relevant, and original content, and this certainly fits in this strategy. Well, sometimes. That’s because if you take a quick tour of the business blogosphere, you’ll quickly discover that al ...

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    • How to Ethically Build Links to Your Site for Greater Ranking

      The internet is an interconnected virtual world. It’s all about exposure out there. The more you make your presence known, the more visitors you get. And there are lots of ways to do that. Embarking on a social media campaign or email marketing are some of the best ways. Those are effective. But they’ll be useless if your site doesn’t rank high.

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    • 5 Blogging Tips that Have Nothing to do With Writing

      It may sound strange, but writing is only one aspect to maintaining a successful blog –– a big aspect –– no doubt, but in truth only one of many. Indeed, there’s much more to creating an engaging blog than simply blurting out 500 words at a time. So today, let’s take a look at five ways you can improve your blog, that don’t have a thing to do with actually writing it: Get Someo ...

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  • Level Up With These Tech Blogging Tips

    … your numbers pleasingly high. Regular blogging also helps to ensure a good search engine ranking because it forces them to regularly re-index your site, as well as sending a clear signal that your site is a dynamic one offering quality content: precisely the kind they will want to include in their search results. Featured image source The post Level Up With These Tech Blogging Tips appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • Do You Want to Build and Host a Website at Zero Cost? Use 000WebHost

    If you don’t have money to invest into creating a website, then 000webhost is for you. In fact, you can create a site that doesn’t cost you anything. Of course, there are a few limitations you must live with. However, this can still be a suitable way to build a personal website, or even for a small business presence (and you can add your own advertisement on it).

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  • 4+1 Unusual, But Clever Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Loading Speed

    … There is a wide variety of elements that determine how fast or how slow your blog will load. Some of the ones that you have a more direct control over include the blogging platform that you are using, your hosting provider and how well-optimized your theme is. The loading time of your website has a big impact on user-experience and on SEO…

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  • Should You Blog About Your Personal Life?

    … your blogging life and personal life as separate as possible? Why You Would Blog About Your Personal Life Let’s look at some of the major reasons you would consider blogging about your personal life in the first place: Personal experiences. You might include references to your personal experiences if they share a theme with your work…

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  • 3 Creative Ways To Market Your Business Blog Without Social Media

    … Once you’ve created and are maintaining your business blog, it’s important that you market it to your audience. While the most common way of doing this is through social media, it’s in your best interest to diversify your marketing efforts. Social media is an excellent place to start, and has more than likely been a significant contributor…

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  • Movavi Video Converter: a Powerful Tool for Your Marketing Strategy

    … In today’s fast-evolving world, video marketing is becoming an essential part of a business strategy, providing value and relevance to the target audience. In this post, I’m going to introduce you Movavi Video Converter, a powerful tool you should consider when working on your videos and marketing strategy. How it Works With Movavi Video…

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  • 3 Important Factors for More Blog Traffic

    … to read: 12 Dos and Don’ts To Improve Your Social Media Marketing 2. Guest Blogging Have you ever thought about starting a guest blogging campaign? Let me tell you straight – if you’ve never written a blog post and never got one published, you are certainly missing out. Guest blogging on relevant blogs with high rankings and a decent amount of social…

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  • Why You Should Back Up Your Blog and How to Do It

    … something that hasn’t ever given you a problem could go belly up tomorrow and leave you without valuable content you’ve produced during your blogging career. It’s not just new posts you can lose. Some bloggers have years of archived posts complete with comments, pictures, and revisions that can disappear in the blink of an eye if something goes…

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  • 6 Ideas for Your Website About Page and Why They Work

    … I will be walking you through today! In short, below you will see: Tips on how to bring more visitors/customers Ideas on what to write about Ways to get more conversions And how to keep visitors “in the loop” 1. Consider Coming up With an Actual Headline Let’s assume you come across two articles about Twitter. One of the posts…

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  • Powerful Ways to Network with Other Bloggers

    … “Networking” is a word that makes many of us cringe; it calls to mind men in expensive suits shaking hands and wearing fake smiles. When you work in an industry you’re passionate about (such as blogging about a subject you’re an expert on), the last thing you want to do is feel like a sycophantic phony. But networking doesn’t have to be about…

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  • How To Edit Images within WordPress

    … Original source: How To Edit Images within WordPress via DailySEOblog. Back in those days, we had all the time to work on Photoshop. Now, with the kind of pace bloggers work pumping out stories in hundreds, there is no time to edit with Photoshop. Canva is a better and quicker online alternative to Photoshop. But that again, needs its time. How…

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  • 5 Tips for Creating More Timely Content for Your Audience

    … As you look for ways to enhance your blog and increase engagement with readers, you should be exploring new blogging strategies and techniques. In particular, it would be wise to prioritize relevancy and publish more timely content that strikes a chord with readers in the moment. 5 Tips for More Timely Content When it comes to blogging, there…

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  • 17 Best Free Stock Photo Sites: Get Free High-Quality Images

    … If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, where can you find great photos to use for free? Don’t worry! Sit back and relax. In fact, there are hundreds of websites that allow you to search and download free high-quality photos. In this article, you can find the best online resources that millions of people are using every day. 1…

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  • Simple and Easy Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

    … Original source: Simple and Easy Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog via DailySEOblog. Try Googling “tips to drive traffic to your blog” and what do you find? An innumerable number of blog posts, out of which not all are the ones that you really need. But, amidst the entire crowd somewhere you’ll find what you are looking for. So, what does…

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