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    • A Much Wanted Impact: Best Social Media Practices for Blog Growth

      Blogging has become a profession of its own, replacing “traditional” careers such as law. Blogging isn’t a demanding career because it is flexible and it is easy to adapt it to your needs. You just need to create your own spot for writing (at home, the office, a café, etc.). Then prepare your mind to unleash your inner world.

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    • 5 Effective Ways to Improve Writing Productivity

      Have you ever happened to write a blog post in like 20 minutes? Most definitely many of you have had the chance to both come up with an awesome idea and convert it into a finished piece in far less time than they thought possible. It’s great when that’s the case! Unfortunately those kinds of “perfect” situations don’t happen everyday.

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    • Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017

      Starting a Blog? 5 Topics People Care About in 2017 March 10, 2017 by Blog Herald Leave a Comment If the goal of your blog is to strike a chord with as many people as possible, you’re probably spending a lot of time researching which topics and subject matters are best. Well, if you’re launching a blog in the near future, there are a few topics that are all-but guaranteed to produce results.

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  • Top 10 Responsive Blogging and News WordPress Themes

    … as Blogger or WordPress. Thus your files will be hosted on the servers of the platform you have chosen. There is no initial cost and it is easy to set up a blog even for a beginner. However, if you don’t pay for your own domain, you will have the name of the platform tacked onto your domain. This is not a big deal unless you are planning to create…

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  • How Dedicated Servers Boost the Performance of A Business Blog

    … Running a successful blog requires more than just knowing how to write content and how to communicate with your readers. In fact, many successful bloggers might say that the ‘technical part’ of their project probably had a bigger impact on their success compared to the content they provided to their visitors. Regardless what sort of blog you…

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  • 101+ Blog Post Headline Formulas You Can Swipe and Deploy

    … of [benefit] from [case study or example] #29. X Experts Reveal How to [benefit] #30. X Little Known Ways to [topic] #31. X Questions Answered About [topic] #32. X Free Ways to [benefit] #33. X Underground Tips On Achieving [benefit] #34. X Tips on How to Avoid [negative outcome] #35. X Tactics for Knocking [topic] Out of the Park #36. X…

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  • 5 Components That Truly Define “Topical Authority” for Webmasters in 2017

    … All business owners want topical authority in their fields. Having “topical authority” means you’re regarded as an expert in a specific area. Website owners can leverage topical authority to improve inbound marketing and SEO efforts. According to Mark Schmukler, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Brand Strategist at Sagefrog Marketing Group…

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  • 21 Things Before Starting A WordPress Blog

    … Image Credit: Flickr So you want to be a blogger? That’s great! Blogging is simple and fun but not easy. Definitely not easy. Even though you can set up a WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes, it takes countless hours of focus and patience to make things look the way you want. When I wrote the blog post You Can’t START A Blog In 10 Minutes…

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  • How blogging helped me to understand the rules of business!

    … opportunities to work with a few amazing services which not everyone can promote and even that in the UAE (Lowest competition and huge profit margins). Also lets not forget the awesome 5 star treatment i get when I visit different businesses for blogging So there you have it, a few things I learned. I hope you enjoyed reading my article, if you disagree please let me know why and if you agree still let me know by making comments below. And yes, start writing today! …

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  • Financial Blogging From Home to Earn an Income

    … Financial Blogging From Home to Earn an Income January 26, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Starting a blog can be a great way to make a full-time income or create a side income that can be used to pay bills or save for tomorrow. Blogging about finance may be an effective way of writing about something that everyone is interested in while also…

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  • Setting up Your For Hire Page: Do’s and Don’ts

    … (5-7) and interlink them. Pretty soon these will become the most trafficked pages on your site. Then link from here to your For Hire page. Credentials – how do I trust you? Ask your colleagues, friends and others for recommendations. If you’re new to blogging, look for ways to generate goodwill (e.g. ghost write a set of posts, design graphics…

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  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Start a Blog

    …. 1. Choose a Blogging Platform A blogging platform is the back-end that runs your blog. There are dozens of blogging platforms. Some are free while others charge an access fee. One of these is WordPress which is free. I recommend WordPress because in addition to being free, it is easy to use, has a large developer community and it has also been…

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