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    • 7 Amazing Benefits of Guest Blogging

      So everyone keeps telling that you should jump on the guest blogging train, but you are just not exactly sure why you should. That is completely understandable. Not everyone wants to blog, and not everybody enjoys to read them. What many people do not understand about guest blogging is that there are many different factors contributing to its success.

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    • Choosing a Quality CMS For Your Website

      If you are not literate with tech talk, a CMS stands for a Content Management System. The system allows you to help populate a website with content and allows you to go in and alter or remove the content with a click of a few buttons. Although there are popular CMS systems that many sites use, it is important to ensure that you find a system that you can use quickly, and efficiently.

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  • 9 Effective SEO Copywriting Secrets That Will Drive More Traffic

    … SEO copywriting is all about creating high-quality and optimized content for the website visitors as well as for the search engines. It’s an excellent way to drive free traffic to your website and keep your users happy at the same time. Even though SEO and copywriting are two fairly different fields, in today’s digital marketing world…

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  • Tips For Combining SEO & Content Marketing

    … A common concern, or rather a mistake, nowadays is that many marketers and business owners struggle to decide: Which tactic will help them grow their online presence further, SEO or content marketing? There are tons of surveys and research over the web that show the importance of both: Proper content marketing leads to 2000% increase in blog…

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  • 12 Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

    …. For some website owners a small variation in their website layout has produced amazing hike in conversion rates, however, for some, it didn’t work out. Still, there are plenty of important strategies that are most likely missing in your website. These tips help in optimizing your conversion rate on the website by some applied and successful strategy…

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  • Heymarket: The Professional Way to Text

    … When it comes to communicating with your customers, email is the first channel you may think about. According to a MailChimp research, email marketing has an open rate of around 20% (depending on the industry), with a roughly 3% CTR (click-through rate). There’re no doubts that email marketing still works (and very well if used the right way…

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  • How to Create a Successful Blog in 12 Steps

    …. How to Make Money with Your Blog I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this part with trepidation. And how to blame you? I myself have founded several blogs with the aim of turning them into a profitable business, like NoPassiveIncome, for example. You have 4 main options (at least from my point of view). You can choose one, although it is normal…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Do to Stay on Top of SEO Ranking

    … to both boost and sustain the already high ranking. To maximise the use of social media, use the following tricks: Be explicit in your call for action. Do not hesitate to tell a visitor “If you liked this article, please share it by clicking here” or “Tell use your views about the article by leaving a comment here”. Such actions are engaging…

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  • Ways to Get More Passive Income from Your Blog

    … Your blog could be more than just a place to write down your thoughts and opinions or promote your brand; instead, you can use it as a tool to make passive income. This means that you can set up ways to make money through your blog and then sit back and wait for the money to come in without having to put any work into the process. Keep reading…

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  • 9 Writing Mistakes That Makes You Look Like An Idiot

    …, but honestly, it’s better to analyze your strength. It’s better to quit if you’re certain blogging or writing has nothing to do with your destiny. It’s wise to get yourself another job else, you’ll only be fighting against the wind. You? You are a born and gifted writer and noting can change that fate, so how do you escape the dark side of the board? It’s…

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Success

    …. In any case, a regular blog has great potential to assist in generating money for the eCommerce business. Did you know? 5 Easy Steps to Dominate Blogging 4. Email Marketing Never underestimate the value of a good message. There is a reason why email marketing is still the number one cost-effective solution for attracting customers. It costs…

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  • The 5 Best Social Media Management Tools of 2016 [Infographic]

    The 5 Best Social Media Management Tools of 2016 [Infographic] June 27, 2016 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment Which tool do you use to manage your social media? There are plenty of debates among social media marketers on what the best tool on the market is, but what do the actual consumers have to say? G2Crowd, a business software review platform, and Ian Anderson Gray of the Seriously So.

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