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  • Build Your Websites Automatically!

    … that matches the your project and your business. Build Websites on Your Mobile Thanks to Sacha, Firedrop chatbot interface, building and managing websites from your mobile device is a piece of cake. All you need to do is chatting with Sacha in the same way as you would use any messaging app, and drag the chat window down to see your changes. Also…

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  • Why is Server Speed So Important to Revenue?

    … check the average speed of a page by inspecting Google webmaster tools. According to the latest information presented by Google, it’s possible to improve your conversion rate by up to 2% simply by speeding up the speed at which your website loads by a single second. Amazon, Yahoo, and Shopzilla have all improved their business in the past just…

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  • MilesWeb VPS vs GoDaddy VPS? Who Should You Choose?

    … have listed below : As in VPS you share the resources of a physical server, it usually costs less than a dedicated server providing the same environment as dedicated server. Virtual Private Server packages can be customized according to your needs and specifications, helping you save on the features that you do not require. With Virtual…

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  • 7 Amazing Benefits of Guest Blogging

    … So everyone keeps telling that you should jump on the guest blogging train, but you are just not exactly sure why you should. That is completely understandable. Not everyone wants to blog, and not everybody enjoys to read them. What many people do not understand about guest blogging is that there are many different factors contributing to its…

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  • Choosing a Quality CMS For Your Website

    … If you are not literate with tech talk, a CMS stands for a Content Management System. The system allows you to help populate a website with content and allows you to go in and alter or remove the content with a click of a few buttons. Although there are popular CMS systems that many sites use, it is important to ensure that you find a system…

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