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  • 30 Incredibly Useful Tools You Need to Grow Your Blog

    Tools help us achieve what we want to achieve. They help up do some faster. They help us build and communicate with our audience. They practically help us do everything. A lot of the time, though, it’s hard what tool to choose for whatever you want to do. Whether it’s to create blog content, drive traffic, or even make money.

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  • 20+ Badass Blogging Tools to Avoid Writing Embarrassment

    … for blogging tools to help you become a better content creator and get more clients. To help you out, here are 10 of the best blogging tools. 1. Grammarly Grammarly is my favorite grammar checker that will find a typo even if there are no typos in your text. After all, it’s you who decides to change it or not. It will find your structure, grammar, spelling…

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  • SMhack: The All in One Social Media Managing Tool

    … If you are working online, chances are that you have multiple social media accounts. But managing them all could be a real pain, right? Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you have all your social media properties under control, optimizing your time and increasing productivity. Today, I will share my experience with SMhack, an all…

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  • 10 Simple Editing Hacks For DIY Bloggers

    … opportunities Sometimes we miss natural breaks in content or opportunities to convey ideas more clearly through bullet points, headings or paragraph breaks. When you’re combing over your writing, seek out places to improve the structure of the piece, letting your content shine through. Editing Tools Just because you’re editing your own content doesn’t mean…

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  • Jephi: a Free Time Tracking Tool To Use If You Are a Freelancer

    … One of the best ways to make money online is working as a freelancer. You can sell your skills and offer copywriting services, social media marketing, or even virtual assistance. Once you start building your portfolio of clients, you’ll need a tool to manage your projects and optimize your time. In this post, I want to introduce you Jephi…

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  • 5 Promising Tools to Help Boost Your Online Startup

    … of collaboration features, you can finish projects by breaking them down into smaller tasks assigned to your deadline. You can also set deadlines and follow up on each member to keep them aware and focus on their goals. WorkflowMAX As your startup grows with more employees and clients, you may need a much more robust tool to manage the growing number…

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  • How to Earn a Passive Income with WPPumper

    … regularly. You can run the search, using this online free tool. Once you have found the appropriate RSS feeds, click on “Add a Feed“. These are the settings available: You may want to set the confidence level to “medium”, under the “Spinning Control” option. As indicated in the image above, under “Feed Control“, you need to enter the URL of your…

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  • Top 5 Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

    … person decides in an instant if he is going to read or not a message, often, by simply scanning the object or the sender. For this reason, you must know the basic strategies of the email marketing, which includes using the right service provider. In this post, I’m going to list the top 5 email marketing tools in the industry. It’s up to you…

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  • Bloggers: Here are the 7 Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

    …. Daptiv. Blogging is a business – and you need to treat it like such. That means organizing projects, scheduling tasks, setting deadlines, and keeping an eye on everyone involved in the process. When your blog gets too difficult to manage in a spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade to a project management tool like Daptiv. If you have…

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