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    • How to Create an Effective About-me Page

      Does it make me a massive geek that I find About pages interesting? I can't help it, I just love the things. When I find one that is fun and innovative I am pleased. When I see one that has next to no info and no creativity, I am disappointed. Quite often, I am confused by companies and their lack of attention to what I see as an important detail.

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    • How to Become an Immersive Storyteller (and Boost Engagement)

      Immersive storytelling was on nearly every list of top trends for 2017 – and with good reason. Companies report increased user engagement, interest, and brand loyalty after telling stories with content instead of simply trying to push sales. Modern technologies have taken storytelling to the next level, pulling the audience directly into the experience, instead of keeping them ...

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    • How to Build In Irresistible Brand Even if You Are a Newbie Blogger

      You’ve wondered, right? Back when you installed WordPress, you were excited to join the blogging wagon. You chose an interesting topic, and wrote heart lifting articles. You were sure to build a loyal following, and be finally branded an authority. But now, you are a little worried. After months or even years of beating on your craft, You aren’t getting the attention you deserve.

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  • Blogging Case Study: The Anatomy of a Perfect Guest Post

    … Meet Joe Elliott. Meet Blogging From Paradise. Joe knows guest posting. He submitted the perfect guest post to my blog recently. So perfect that it fit my blog like a glove. Seriously. Here's the post: Grow Your Blog the Fun & Smart Way (This Actually Works) Here's why it was perfect. The Selfie Peep that lead in image after you click…

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  • 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Help You Make Your First Sale

    … to keep this list low-budget-friendly. But hey, we all know we need to invest in certain things so we can grow our blogs and online businesses, right? And Thrive Content Builder is one of the things you’ve got to invest in. So how will this tool help you with your affiliate marketing? Blogging plus affiliate marketing means you’ll need…

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  • WordPress Vs. Medium: Which One Should Bloggers Use?

    … Quickly stated, WordPress is like the Ford of the blogging world. It’s tried and true. It was there from the beginning. It’s worked for millions of websites and will continue to work for millions more. If WordPress is the Ford of the CMS world, then Medium is kind of like the Tesla. Medium stormed onto the scene back in August of 2012…

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  • How to Get More Traffic from YouTube

    … tools and tactics on YouTube, please share your experience with us in the comments. Don't forget to check out these additional resources: TubeBuddy is a YouTubers New Best Friend The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience: 6 Steps that Convert Viewers into an Engaged Community YouTube Video Tutorials Playlist The post How to Get More Traffic from YouTube appeared first on Basic Blog Tips. …

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  • 5 Priceless Lessons Learned About Guest Posting That Make You a Better Blogger

    … in front of a lot more people in your niche, it can just as easily get you in front of people who don’t care one bit about what you have to say. That's why you need to do your research. Here's how: First, take a look at your competition and where they've guest posted in the past. If your niche is blogging, you want to find as many places your…

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  • 3 Simple Ways To Improve Conversions For Your PPC Campaigns

    … current conversion rate Yes, to improve your conversions, it is quite important for you to know, from where you are taking the start. And for this, you can start by calculating your current conversion rate. However, if you're a beginner and don't know how to calculate the conversion rate, here is a simple formula to use: Divide your successes (Leads…

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  • 12 Simple Ways to Boost the Audience Engagement Level of Your Blog

    … audience engagement. Here are some useful tips that help you engage your readers. Clean layout This is about the first impression. You either make it or your reader leaves. I won’t be happy to visit a website that has some content written among flashing banners asking me to click on, animated gadgets and random ads. The layout must be clean. Your…

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  • Ultimate Blog Discussion Part 2: Building the Blog and Adding Automation

    … in mind that you can get automation (and “done for you” results) by hiring that agency, as we spoke in the last article. In this article, we are talking about how you can save money and pay for a less expensive tool, but still get some of the benefits… namely, that automation. Chapter 4 Start Blogging in Four (Relatively) Easy Steps Chapter 5…

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  • 5 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

    … One of the most effective ways to increasing your online visibility and building a successful blog is through guest blogging. Guest blogging involves reaching out other bloggers in your niche and offering valuable, interesting content in exchange for a publishing slot on their blogs. Essentially, guest blogging is the exchange of expertise…

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You Must Avoid

    …, follow, sign up, etc. There are a number of methods you can try and quite a few common mistakes that can lead to failure. Look at things you should absolutely avoid when working on your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Don’t Think Short Term If website traffic, and therefore sales, are tanking, it is tempting to opt for a quick fix. People…

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  • Ultimate Blog Discussion Part 1: Evaluating and Reaching Your Goals

    … We all want to get ahead, right? Or maybe we simply want to reach our dreams? Whatever your goal in life is, somehow you have found yourself thinking about blogging. Am I right? Great, then you have come to the right place for a two-part “Ultimate Blog Discussion.” Whether your goal is to start a blog for the first time, enhance your blog…

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