• Why 99% of Blogs Will Fail in 2018

      Almost every one of the millions of blogs that are started in 2018 are destined to fail and die a slow, boring death. This is not meant to be depressing (although it probably is…) because there are some practical solutions that we can apply in order to ensure that our beautiful blogs don’t end up in that sad category.

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  • What Even is a Blog?

    … Blogging is just so 2005. Why bother…? Every now and then someone stumbles upon Blog Tyrant and leaves some feedback a little bit like that. What is perhaps interesting is that I don’t entirely disagree with them. And that got me really thinking about what blogging is and whether or not it has passed it’s use-by date as a concept…

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  • Blog Title Tips that Can Make People Click

    … Anyone who knows inbound marketing knows blogging is an essential element in the mix. But even though it’s essential to write a steady stream of blogs, people aren’t going to find it essential to read them – unless, of course, you give them good reason to. And that good reason largely boils down to your blog title. The blog title can definitely…

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  • For Serious Marketers! 65 Tasks You Need to Outsource Immediately

    … learn the act of outsourcing. According to Neil Patel, “Outsourcing will save your life.” I started blogging in 2010. From 2010 to 2014, I did everything on my own. I created my blog myself and did all the blogging and marketing related tasks, just as you might be doing now. I lived this way for a good four years, and guess what happened: I…

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  • 3 Ways to Avoid Churning Out Average Blog Posts

    … I recently read a blog post from an agency that discussed the power of Bing Ads, reminding the audience that pay-per-click content isn’t purely limited to Google AdWords. The writer used a host of stats to back up the thesis, but I was shocked to see an embedded infographic referencing comScore data from 2012. A quick Google (or Bing!) search…

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  • 3 Top Small Business Blogs to Mimic

    … website is a blog. That’s right – blogging isn’t just for writers with extra time on their hands or millennials who want to make a fortune endorsing cosmetic companies online. Local business owners like you are blogging up a storm, and it’s helping them gain an extra edge with customers in your area. Here are 3 of our favorite small business blogs…

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  • Only Di#kheads Blog, So Don’t.

    …! But it did get me thinking about all the positive things that blogs can do, and how they’re really not just for selfies and re-sharing memes. A good blog can change the world. Maybe not everyone knows about that. Today I want to show you some of the most inspiring and effective blogs on the net (like, way better than Blog Tyrant) and why I think…

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  • How LinkedIn Markets on LinkedIn (Infographic)

    …: LinkedIn A/B tested a sponsored content post–one that included a statistic, and one that did not. The post with the statistic saw a 37 percent higher click-through rate and received 162 percent more impressions. Using a dynamic macro to pull a member’s name in the greeting, LinkedIn sent personal InMail messages to raise awareness about a blog and received 1,240 blog subscriptions (6 percent of total conversions). When LinkedIn addressed its audience directly vs. indirectly, it saw a 185 percent higher engagement rate.…

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  • Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty has Begun

    … this for interstitial pop-ups on a more general scale. If you’re using pop-ups, you might want to use Google’s “example of techniques” when used responsibly, would not be affected by Google’s new changes. Source: Google’s Webmaster Blog Another thing worth noting is that this new signal just one of the many hundreds of signals that are actively used…

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  • SSL Is Now the Default on Tumblr

    … SSL (secure sockets layer) is finally the default for new blogs on Tumblr. Security engineer Josh Hixson announced the move via tweet (embedded below), crediting fellow Tumblr security engineer Kelly Lum: Thanks to @aloria, new @Tumblr blogs have SSL enabled by default! Steady progress towards a bright, HTTPS-only blog network future — Josh…

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  • Thanksgiving Dinner and Social Media

    … Big meals and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand, but which specific foods did social media users post about? Social insights provider Synthesio analyzed social data from Thursday through Sunday, and it found that: Food type, by share of voice: Main dishes, 66.69 percent Sides, 17.11 percent Desserts, 8.81 percent Vegetables, 3.81 percent Bread…

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  • What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #8 with Don Sturgill

    … Continuing our “What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup” series, we are introducing you to Don Sturgill in our feature today. As you know, the purpose of this series is to “introduce bloggers to more of their peers in the blogosphere and likely offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog.” Famous…

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