Body Positivity

  • Instagram Users Say #effyourbeautystandards (Infographics)

    … We may live in one of the most body-shaming periods in human history, but thanks in part to women like yoga teacher and author Jessamyn Stanley and plus-size model Tess Holliday, there is a body positivity movement taking place on Instagram., which provides information and resources for treatment of eating disorders, analyzed more…

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  • How Axe Found Its (Marketing) Magic

    … For any male who went to high school in the 2000s, Axe body spray was an inescapable part of life. Every boys locker room in the country reeked of Axe, and the guys who used the deodorant seemed to care less about masking odor than making sure everyone in school knew they used the product. Axe wasn’t about deodorant; it was about dominance…

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