A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands to extend the browser's functionality. For instance, a bookmarklet might allow the user to select text on a page, click the bookmarklet, and be presented with a search engine results page for the search term selected.Bookmarklets are unobtrusive scripts stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. The term is a portmanteau of the terms bookmark and applet, however, an applet is not to be confused with a bookmarklet, just as script written in JavaScript is not to be confused with a script written in Java.
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  • Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition

    … on the site? PRO Tip: Don't forget to check the text-only version of the cached page. Here is a bookmarklet to help you do that. Do a mobile search for your brand and key landing pages Does your listing have the "mobile friendly" label? Are your landing pages mobile friendly? If the answer is no to either of these, it may be costing you organic…

    Moz Blogin SEO- 44 readers -
  • 6 Free Resources that Will Help You Become a Better CRO

    … Content Experiments If you’re just getting started in A/B testing, Google’s tool is as good as any. Keep in mind that there aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles on this tool. It’s just a tester, which is okay. Google Analytics Content Experiments (or GACE) is slightly different from the typical A/B testing model in that it uses A/B/n testing…

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Egg- 13 readers -
  • Pinterest for Small Business: Etsy

    … business owners as well. First off, let’s provide a bit of perspective: According to Search Engine Land, Etsy is the top domain ranked by number of re-pins. So, when it comes to sites that focus on stuff you can buy, Etsy rules the Pinterest landscape. Interestingly, only 8% of the total pins are posted from Etsy sellers. 67% are pinned using…

    Caleb Yen/ Tailwind Blogin Social SEO- 10 readers -
  • Apps for Affiliates from AvantLink

    I posted recently with the question, Why Don’t Affiliate Networks Have App Stores?, and I came to find out that I’d totally missed the AvantLink App Market. The AvantLink App Market features ad tools, plugins, scripts, and widgets submitted by web developers and approved by AvantLink. One thing that blows me away about the App Market is that it is three years old.

    Shawn Collins/ 3 readers -
  • The favorite creative brainstorming tools of agencies

    … is a look at four in-house, homegrown tools agencies are using to juice their creative. Stash For its part, Venables Bell & Partners has developed Stash, an internal, Pinterest-like site that lets users “stash” a link via a bookmarklet. Anyone in the agency can post a link, view a feed of links and leave comments. Posts are tagged so…

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 7 readers -