Books And Creative Writing

  • The Comic Touch: How to Be Funny in Your Writing

    …Airplanes. Ben Affleck making a comeback after Gigli. Space travel. Women not just wearing—but totally rocking—pants on a regular basis. Justin Timberlake being taken seriously as an actor. These are all things that people once thought highly unlikely, and maybe even impossible, yet they’re all totally accepted facts today. The lesson here? There’s…

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  • The 8 Scariest Monsters in Literature

    …Introduction The thin layer of frost, brisk air, and falling leaves all signify one thing: it is finally that time of year when it is socially acceptable to eat hundreds of tiny chocolate bars in one sitting. October is hands down the best month of the year. By day, you can enjoy the beautiful fall…

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  • Why Libraries Will Never Go the Way of Blockbuster

    …A few quick questions before we start: Do you read the newspaper in print or online? Do you watch reruns of your favorite movies and shows on DVD, or do you opt for Netflix instead? Do you refuse to abandon print books, or do you adore the convenience of your e-reader? As a consumer…

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