Boot Camps

Recruit training, more commonly known as Basic Training and colloquially called boot camp, is the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new military personnel, enlisted and officer. After completion of Basic Training, new recruits undergo Advanced Individual Training (AIT), where they learn the skills needed for their military jobs. Officer trainees undergo more detailed programs that may either precede or follow the common recruit training in an officer training academy (which may also offer a civilian degree program simultaneously) or in special classes at a civilian university.
Posts about Boot Camps
  • “Can I Just Use a Big Image in My Email?”

    When I teach Boot Camp Classes for Constant Contact, one of the most common questions I am asked is one that I have several answers for. “I want to send a single-image email, what is the easiest way to do that?” Once that question is asked, I go through all of the possible scenarios of why a customer would need to do that, which method would be easiest for this customer, and ...

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  • Top Five Reasons Why You Need To Follow Brian Dean

    … just regurgitating stuff that they have read elsewhere. A lot of that stuff does not even make sense. A lot of that stuff is very shallow. A lot of that stuff is not fully developed. Unfortunately, people fall again and again for these so-called gurus. They end up spending thousands of dollars in online seminars, in special SEO boot camps, only…

    Lewis Crutch/ Marketing Beesin Social SEO Google Twitter- 30 readers -
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