• The Grinch-bots that are stealing Christmas

      By now you should have all your Christmas shopping done since it’s only five days away. However there are many of us who’ve either been too busy or who have just procrastinated to the point of panic. Well, if you’re planning on getting that hard to get gift that children are clambering for this Christmas you’re probably out of luck.

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  • So Long Local Search — Hello Machine-Directed Discovery

    … Are you finally understanding how to get your business locations to show up properly on the Internet? Are you using a great marketing service that manages your online local visibility? Well whatever you thought you knew about getting your business found online and on mobile, or whatever you are currently learning, is already obsolete. The way…

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  • #SFSNYC: How Bots and AI Are Transforming Local

    … The march of artificial intelligence and bots continues across the digital marketing landscape, creating new ways to reach customers at local—however, these are still the early days. That was some of the sentiment shared at this morning’s panel on bots and AI at the Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn. Perry Evans, CEO of Closely, a provider…

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  • Half of Trump Twitter Followers are Fakes or Bots.

    … communications. However, there’s a small issue: about half of his followers aren’t even real. In fact, Trump has a huge bot army that starts with a guy under the name MicroChip: he’s known as the Trumpbot overlord, and using what some people believe to be tens of thousands of fake accounts he can get the alt-right tweeting as fast as possible. Some of his…

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  • Why TGI Fridays Is Thinking About Marketing Like a Startup

    … over time — and go back to talking one-to-one. Everything we’ve been trying to do around our personalization efforts, our digitalization efforts, things we’re doing with bots and AI, is really about reconnecting with individual guests versus talking to the masses. Everything that we’ve been doing goes back to fulfilling that mission. That foundation…

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  • Voice Bots Have One Big Problem: Human Behavior

    …, amplifying its utility, is a world away from saying into the air anything approaching the personal. Don’t believe me? Look up from your device right now and say aloud “what does a herpes rash feel like?” You get the point. Again, I think we’re surely moving in the direction of voice input to bots, but until microphones advance — allowing you to request…

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  • The Rise of Chat Bots and Their Implications for Social Media

    … Chat bots are the new black, sweeping all before them in an increasingly connected and online world. And as e-commerce consumers become more comfortable interacting with machines online, chat bots will inevitably continue to dominate the online landscape. Chat bots, and the artificial intelligence technology that enables them, are on the rise…

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  • Adaptly Execs Share Their 2017 Predictions

    … With the first work week of 2017 in the books, top executives at social media advertising agency Adaptly shared their thoughts on what the rest of the year will bring. The rise of social disruptors and importance of differentiation Vice president of strategic accounts Ruth Arber: New platforms like Snapchat are changing the way we talk…

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  • Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories From 2016

    … Street Fight’s 10 Most Popular Stories From 2016 December 30, 2016 by The Editors Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features In the local space, 2016 brought both consolidation and renewal. Major players like Yodle, ReachLocal and Constant Contact were acquired, while other companies experimented with innovations in bots and AI, VR/AR and a new…

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  • Street Fight Staff and Friends Predict 2017’s Top Stories (Part One)

    … and focus on lead generation and very simple marketing ROI. Not gonna happen “Bots are the new apps” is a hot meme, but I’m skeptical of chatbots being a big deal anytime soon. Messaging apps may be a platform for payments, commerce, and content in Asian regions, but that has yet to catch on in the U.S. or Europe. And even in the Far East, all…

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  • How Ad Testing Can Combat Facebook’s Slow Ad Growth

    … be cautious. As Facebook has hit its optimum ad load, its focus is turning instead to alternative sources of revenue like video ads, bots for its Messenger application and its audience on third-party apps and websites. What Facebook’s changes mean for advertisers Digital marketers, take note: Zero growth in ad load means that it’s more important than ever…

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  • How the Social Media Dumpster Fire Hijacked the Election

    … There are a lot of theories floating around about how we wound up with (shudder) President Donald Trump. The Bernie Sanders camp is crowing, “We told you so, Bernie would have won!” The media likes to go on about how little Hillary Clinton was trusted; an impression created entirely by the media. An article in Ad Age by Simon Dumenco…

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