Boxing Gloves

  • Choosing the Best Boxing Shoes

    … When you’re first starting out with boxing workouts, you might feel like you can wear any soft-soled athletic shoe when you're training. After all, you are already spending money on tape, gloves, and gym time. However, there are big differences between the best boxing shoes and other athletic footwear, and you don't want to get injured…

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  • How to Find the Right Boxing Glove Size

    … Are you just getting started with boxing, but not sure what gloves you should get? One thing that you'll need to determine is the best size of boxing gloves for you. Here, I'll go through the various boxing glove sizes available, and give you the information that you need to make your choice. Whether you're doing it just for fun or for a change…

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  • What Type of Boxing Glove Should I Get?

    … When you’re ready to invest in your own pair of boxing gloves, you might not be sure which types of boxing gloves you should get. There are quite a few different types of boxing gloves, including: bag gloves, sparring gloves, muay thai gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, professional boxing gloves, training gloves, and Mexican-style boxing gloves…

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  • The Best Boxing Gloves For You

    … Setting out to buy a new pair of boxing gloves can be overwhelming - there are quite a few different types, and the kind that you'll need depends on what your workouts look like. You also need to consider what size glove and what weight glove is best for you, and you want to make sure that you buy a solid brand of boxing glove. Here is all…

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