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  • 5 Ways to Leverage Consumer-Led Social Media This Holiday Season

    … and convenient as possible for your customers. According to Forrester Research, 55 percent of online customers say they are highly likely to cancel online purchases if they can’t find fast answers to their questions. To earn and keep customers, start by optimizing your website and your checkout process for mobile. Next, specifically target those…

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  • Follow These 4 Steps to Turn Social Followers Into Brand Super Fans

    Accumulating Twitter and Facebook followers is important for every brand, but if those followers aren’t listening and engaging, they’re useless. Worse, if none of them turn into brand ambassadors, your brand is not long for this world. The actual most important social media statistic is what I have dubbed “The Ratio.

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  • Balancing Quantity and Quality in a Brand Ambassador Program

    … As brands enjoy growing success on social media, many choose to amplify their reach and further their social media success via volunteer brand ambassadors. In a recent podcast recording with Justine Velcich, Manager of Global Community Programs at Hootsuite, we discussed the key factors behind Hootsuite’s Brand Ambassador Program, which has grown…

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  • How to Use Your Email List to Find Your Best Customers

    … You might have a few customers who you notice often share your social media updates. Or you may have some customers who mention they’ve told friends about your business, bringing in new customers for you. But have you ever thought about how you can use your email list to find your best customers? Your email subscribers have opted-in to learn…

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  • The Good, Bad & Scary of Employee Advocacy Through Social

    … on any platform where employees could be viewed as expressing views endorsed by your business. Moving beyond that, you need to understand your own expectations around social sharing before you can encourage the ‘right’ behaviors. As Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive, points out – many businesses are pretty clueless: The majority of so-called…

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  • How to Own Your Blogger Outreach Process

    … At GroupHigh, I have worked with both brands and agencies on blogger outreach strategy. No matter the goal or the end result, a blogger outreach strategy that works has key components and crucial ingredients. Because I live in the world of blogger outreach, I’m always asking what other marketers are doing in order to see outside my world…

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  • You’ve Got Brand Ambassadors. Now What?

    … Birthday gifts. Send them SWAG every quarter. Re-share their content on your own social media channels, especially the content that doesn’t mention your brand—it’s just a nice gesture. Host influencer events catered to just them. This will also give them photo opps of their experience with your brand to share on their channels. Ask them…

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  • How to Convince People to Do Your Marketing For You

    … of their ambassador program. Jumping off what you determine to equate to a quality influencer, take a look at these questions, and make them your own. What are you devoted to? (So you know how to market with the ambassador’s strengths!) How do you plan to share your love for Bhakti Chai? How involved are you on social media? List your accounts. What…

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  • Using Culture to Humanize Your Content

    …, content marketing has become a commodity-fueled numbers game that oversaturates social media feeds, inboxes and our brains to the point where we spend more time trying to avoid bad content than actually solving our challenges. So the question becomes: how do we, as marketers, conceptualize and create meaningful content that has staying power? Most…

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