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  • How To Utilize PPC Brand Building Strategies

    … because sometimes your impression share is in the high 90s and throwing more money at your AdWords’ Search campaign will not give you more clicks or conversions as your client might desire. What you need to do next is to pitch why your marketing strategy needs to work on awareness to allow more users to learn about your brand and eventually increase…

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  • Six steps to a stronger online brand

    … is Google Alerts. Setting it up is easy and free, and the tool sends you the alerts the moment they come up on the search engine, allowing you to quickly handle any problems that might have happened. Here is how to set it up: Sign into your Google account and go to the Google Alerts page. Enter your search query, which is the keyword you wish…

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  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    … a total community approach, you’ll identify and enlist the help of every stakeholder and include them in your approach to how customers will be engaged. You can co-create the customer experience and then scale it to apply to every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. Data will provide the depth of insight you need to see your total community…

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  • 36 Case Studies That’ll Help You Understand Content Marketing ROI

    … Content marketers are obsessed with tying their work to ROI, and rightfully so. Whether you create content to drive brand awareness, generate leads, or spark a sale, you have a responsibility to show the tangible impact of your investment. ROI means different things to different people, but on a basic level, it’s just proof that your department…

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  • How neuroscience can help increase engagement with mobile users

    … relationship between a brand and a target user. Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight, talked to Integrated Live about the way neuroscience can boost the marketing efforts towards a mobile audience, provided that there is the right understanding of what makes a successful connection. As people become more attached to their smartphones, marketing…

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  • How Brands Can Make the Most Out of Christmas Video Marketing

    … video metrics that really matter for brand advertisers and their agencies. As I mentioned last month, Google’s Brand Lift solution gives you insights into how your ads are impacting brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, purchase intent, and brand interest, as measured by organic search activity on Google and YouTube. These metrics…

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  • 9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

    … for the ads To launch a successful Facebook coupon campaign, the campaign must begin with a clear understanding of its objective. The more specific you are with your goals, the easier you can focus your ads to reach the right people. Consider the following goals: Greater insight into your fans’ likes Higher brand awareness Immediate sales More engaged…

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  • How to get started with online reputation management

    … business trying to promote its services. It is estimated that consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over a brand when considering a new purchase, which means that online reputation may bring a customer closer to your business. Online reputation management is the process a business follows to analyse and monitor all its relevant…

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  • How the rise of user-generated content is changing marketing

    … User-generated content is becoming an important part of content marketing, with consumers forming a part of a brand’s strategy. But how does this affect branded content? I recently talked to Rachel Meranus, Chief Marketing Officer at Olapic about the popularity of user-generated content and the recent trends marketers need to know. How do you…

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  • 10 reasons your content will fail and what you can do about it

    Creating content is easy. Creating great content? That’s much tougher. Just 10 short years ago, the barrier to entry was much lower for companies. Content marketing wasn’t even a thing. But once 2010 came around, it started exploding, as seen on Google Trends: In the past six years, the amount of content has grown exponentially. Everyone has bought into the now clichéd mantra: content is king.

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  • What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content

    … were instructed to ask shoppers for email addresses or zip codes as they checked out, and I noticed that many customers seemed to be taken aback. They were hesitant to give away any type of information, even something as innocuous as a zip code. This was one of the first times I realized that for consumers, any exchange of information with a brand…

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