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  • Driving ROI Through Online Brand Communities

    … reason to keep coming back for more. The big idea behind building an online community is to create a destination for consumers to find authentic and helpful information. When that destination lives within your owned web properties, rather than on a social media platform, it gives you more control over the information they consume, the people…

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  • Can Your Brand Benefit from Digital Detox?

    …, and certainly way more than any one of us can possibly process. In the online world, banner blindness is a coping mechanism, one that enables us to read articles without breaking our concentration. That got us thinking: Can brands benefit from digital detox? We all treasure unplugging during vacations. Will brands benefit by offering consumers…

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  • Advanced Social Media Lessons from the Best in the NBA

    …, especially with the extensive targeting that Facebook ads offer now. You can actually use Facebook ads to remind people to look for your email, or even for a direct mail campaign. These highly targeted campaigns are a great option as a secondary marketing tactic to reinforce the primary, more traditional tactics. This looks like the beginning…

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  • Do Salespeople Make the Best Social Advocates?

    The Customer Journey From John Jantsch’s perspective, marketing has changed so completely in the past years not because of social media but because buying has changed. The focus, therefore, should not be on the tools or the tips for marketers. Marketers and small business owners should instead be changing their approaches to selling and to marketing. “Nobody wakes up ever and says, ‘Gosh.

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  • Does Your Personal Brand Help Your Employer?

    …Playing with Experimentation Most people wouldn’t create a company that essential takes Google head-on, but Gabriel Weinberg is not most people. In 2007, when he was dissatisfied with Google’s search results, he started building his own solution, and DuckDuckGo was born. Today, their main differentiator (other than the different search mechanism…

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  • Why Good Community Management Equals Great Business Development

    … to my success in the world of biz dev. While there’s been no shortage of articles describing community managers as the future CEOs of the world or a number of other positions, I wanted to hone in on a more natural transition and look at why great community management equals great business development. Note: When I talk about business development…

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  • In Social Media, the Only Guarantee is Change

    … for excellence in social customer service will keep changing as customers’ expectations are raised and other brands rise to meet the challenge. It sounds like Dan and his team will be ready for those changes when they come. Click the play button to listen here: Read the full show highlights here: Related…

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  • How Being Specific about Social Strategy can Increase Social Influence

    …Cutting Down to Expand It’s no mistake that Nick’s title has changed from Social Media Channel Manager to Digital Strategist. Social media is no longer just a job title; it is a skill set that permeates the entire brand and its strategy. Nick says, “Where possible, we’re integrating social into every tactic that we deploy.” SAP has set up…

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  • How to Create a Thriving B2B Advocacy Community

    … campaign to the Pepsi MAX Jeff Gordon test drive video. These campaigns are designed to turn heads and generate discussion, but it seems like the most successful campaign would be the one to drive long-term engagement with the brand. So far, American Greetings’ hope that the emotional video would catch on has certainly played out well…

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