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  • How to write attention-grabbing headlines

    …, in the digital world, using intuition isn’t enough. These days, if you want people to find your content online, you need science. How to write a good headline for online content Whether you’re a reporter working online or a professional copywriting service, it’s important to understand that headlines for content published on the internet need…

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  • Content Marketing: How to run an editorial calendar

    … newsletter for fortnightly advice to help you market your business better, tips from our video production gurus, and a podcast or two from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Why being reactive should be part of your strategy The secret to effective writing for business A brand journalism approach…

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  • Brand Newsroom 138: Media Intelligence: Here’s what you need to know

    … We’ve come a long way from the days when “media monitoring” involved a ream of paper clippings and transcripts turning up on the boss’s desk each morning. Technology has changed everything. Media monitoring has evolved into “media intelligence”. To help us understand what that can do for our brands, the BNR team is joined by MyMedia Intelligence…

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  • Become a better brand writer with this top tip

    … Writing is one of those tasks a lot of people hate to do. They sit there staring at the blank page, unable to start, knowing what they want to say but unable to put it in words, finding ways to distract themselves, and getting themselves into a muddle. If that’s you, I have a neat trick to help you get started more confidently. It’s something I…

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  • Content marketing is an ethical option for old journos

    … A little while back I wrote an article reassuring journalists — more and more of whom are being made redundant from shrinking newsrooms — that there really was life after journalism. In it I recommended a career in content marketing, explaining that our skills as journalists are very much in demand. I got a lot of positive feedback from…

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  • Credit where it’s due: Don’t fall foul of copyright law

    … podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy reading these: Is journalism’s demise marketing’s great opportunity? [podcast] Journalistic principles to add credibility to your content A brand journalism approach to growing your audience Brand journalism: how to cover industry events The post Credit where it’s due: Don’t fall foul of copyright law appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • 7 steps to a winning publication with content marketing

    … What does a quality brand publication look like? When you consider how much ‘content’ is spewed onto the buying public, getting it right isn’t that easy. Project of the Year is being announced at the Content Marketing Awards in Cleveland, Ohio, this week. My pet project, Traction News, is short-listed to win the big prize. Here’s how and why…

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  • Brand Newsroom 100: The biggest content lessons of all

    Brand Newsroom 100: The biggest content lessons of all James, Nic and Sarah. In the 100th episode of Brand Newsroom the team takes a look back at some of the biggest lessons learned across almost two years of the podcast. Show Notes Here are some key take-outs: Publish consistently. Your audience expects it. That might mean allotting regular time in your diary to create your content.

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  • Interview techniques for tricky talent

    … in journalism but far less so in marketing because you’re rarely going to be interviewing someone who doesn’t want to be interviewed. But, just in case you come across it, here are some common tips for handling it: Make them aware you’re publishing the story with or without their comments. This often elicits some kind of response…

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  • Journalistic principles add credibility to your content

    …. According to the Ethical Journalism Network, there are five principles of journalism. Let’s go through them and see how they apply to content marketing and brand journalism. Truth and Accuracy Strive for accuracy. Give all the relevant facts — everything the audience might reasonably expect to know. This is all about building trust with your…

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  • Brand Newsroom 95: How to generate editorial ideas like a journalist

    … View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 95: How to generate editorial ideas like a journalist One of the most common questions journalists get asked is ‘where do you get all your stories from?’ Generating story ideas is a reporter’s bread and butter and these days it’s also an essential skill for the content marketer. Today, the Brand Newsroom chats…

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  • There really is life after journalism, I promise

    …. I just want to write. Here’s more good news: you can. It’s called content marketing or, sometimes, brand journalism. (I can feel some of you shuddering from here. But hear me out.) Companies all over the world are looking for journalists to create quality, original content for them. I’m not talking about advertorial; I’m talking about actual…

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