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Brand loyalty is where a person buys products from the same manufacturer repeatedly rather than from other suppliers.In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 69 percent responded that they found the "loyalty" metric very useful.
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    • Why Brand Loyalty Hinges on Social Media Engagement

      Ask any marketer who their ideal customer is, and most will tell you the same thing: a loyal one. This is because, as we all know, keeping customers is more cost-effective and efficient than finding new ones. However, the concept of brand loyalty is often difficult to pinpoint, much less cultivate. In order to achieve brand loyalty, one must first understand what it really means.

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    • How to use content marketing to build brand loyalty

      Which brands are you loyal to? I mean properly loyal. The ones where, even if they’re more expensive, even if you have to drive across town to get to them, you’ll stick with them. The brands you’ll not only recommend, but go to bat for if someone’s criticising them. Now ask yourself, “why?” Why are you so loyal? I asked this question of some Twitter followers recently.

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  • Brand Newsroom 99: Who do you trust?

    … Of the top ten most trusted people in America, five of them are actors — and most are celebrities. That’s according to a Reader’s Digest poll. Why, in 2016, are entertainers (who spend their lives pretending to be someone else) trusted more than politicians and policy-makers or investigative reporters and news anchors? Why are brands like banks…

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  • 6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Beyond a Rewards Program

    …, they, for a fact, do not effectuate absolute loyalty. Brands are laying too much emphasis on rewards and offers, forgetting about the user experience altogether. Click To Tweet The result: an environment where brands and consumers, both, live in a state of discontent. This is because of the following reasons: Consumers expect greater value, and more points…

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  • Creating Engaging Social Media Campaigns for Brand Loyalty

    … looking to leverage the popularity of different social platforms to reach the ever-growing users of those online communities, social media campaigns can be incredibly effective. Building brand recognition or fostering brand loyalty—both of which can contribute to significant business growth—are often generated through social media. Many brands…

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  • Learn How to Improve your Social Media Presence in 5 Steps

    … Taking the time to build loyalty with your customers is one of the best long-term investments you can make for your business. From creating brand advocates to establishing relationships that can help your business increase its brand recognition, the value of creating a passionate customer base is huge. According to a report by Texas Tech…

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  • A Breakdown Of The Social Media Sales Funnel

    … In the past, businesses just needed to place advertisements on TV and magazines to convert people into customers. Today traditional ads are no longer the best way to reach people as 92 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations and word-of-mouth over all other forms of advertising. The rise of social media and the Internet in general has…

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  • 5 Surprising Success Stories from Scrappy Companies on Social Media

    … announcing the artist’s niche — gaming-themed stained glass — gained nearly 250 comments and skyrocketed business on Etsy. Thanks in part to exposure on Reddit, Martian Glassworks grew out of Etsy’s platform and is now showcased on a branded website where custom orders continue to pour in. 2. Empire CAT Construction Waterfall on YouTube At first glance…

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  • 5 Online Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2015

    …. It is also my belief that companies will soon grasp the realization that customers are on social media channels to interact with other people not be inundated with advertisements. Therefore, companies that are able to connect to their customers on a more human level will enjoy higher conversion rates, better brand loyalty, a faster growing audience…

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  • 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Build Their Brands in 2015

    … network, expand, and cultivate its brand, but charitable events also help others. Plus, the company’s name and logo will be displayed all over the place, generating tons of brand exposure. What’s more, since people like to associate themselves with a company that helps others, building brand loyalty is a snap. 4. Have an Engaging Social Media…

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  • How Social Listening Can Improve Your Marketing

    … response—the response part is critical. Basically, social listening boils down to good communication. Listening and responding have several important benefits. For example, you can find out how the public perceives your products and services and improve them when needed. When you take suggestions seriously, you’re building stronger brand loyalty. You…

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Engage Your Customers Through Instagram

    …-way street. Show your customers why they should be loyal to your business. What can your small business offer them? What can they offer you? Before you begin sharing photos, think about the message you want to communicate to your customers. Instagram allows businesses to build visual connections and inspire brand loyalty — so make sure your images…

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  • Want Results? Engage, then Measure Your Marketing

    …. In turn, this fosters brand loyalty. Building engagement to get the desired customer feedback takes time and effort. Make Your Sales Message about Your Customers It’s important to ensure your customers know about your company and the products or services you provide, right? Wrong! Customers don’t care; they are out to find something specific. Your…

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  • Looking Ahead: Facebook Strategy for 2015

    … of social strategy and bolstering brand loyalty with their audience of over 45 million. In 2015, not only will brands adopt this strategy, but they will also leverage it for mobile. Silence won’t be a virtue Companies have been responding to customer inquiries on Facebook for years, but we’ve found that it still takes the average brand 33 hours…

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  • Looking ahead: Facebook strategy for 2015

    … of social strategy and bolstering brand loyalty with their audience of over 45 million. In 2015, not only will brands adopt this strategy, but they will also leverage it for mobile. Silence won’t be a virtue Companies have been responding to customer inquiries on Facebook for years, but we’ve found that it still takes the average brand 33 hours…

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  • CMO Predictions for 2015

    … interconnected than ever – both generating and sharing common data about each customer that boosts sales, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction with every touch. Dee Anna McPherson, VP of Marketing, Hootsuite Improving customer experience and closing the digital loyalty loop The customer will be at the center of every decision made by the CMO…

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