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  • Why CMOs Will Be the Most Important Executives in 2018

    … For the last two decades of my career, I’ve peppered every executive recruiter I meet with the same question: “For which position are you experiencing the greatest imbalance between the demand for exceptional candidates and the supply?” The responses are usually consistent and vary among sales, operations, and finance, but I keep asking because…

    Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • The Benefits of Marketing Deja Vu

    … recognise the event. This causes that side of the brain to believe it’s seen the same thing twice. In marketing, it often feels like every campaign is just a series of deja vu. Brands copying other brands, replication of stories and a general homogeneity between all the advertising we see. When it’s your day job to be looking at the marketing efforts…

    State of Digital- 9 readers -
  • How to Visualize Cause and Effect in Local Brand Marketing

    … Mark Stouse, CEO and co-founder of Proof Analytics, says there are ways for chief marketing officers to gird themselves in case of market downturns by using data to support their value to the businesses they serve. This is especially critical, he says given the growing control over tech spending that CMOs now command. Proof Analytics…

    Street Fightin How To's- 10 readers -
  • Brand Your Small Business Like The Big Guys

    … What would you say defines your brand? From our perspective, it’s the way you look, how you sound, and everything you do to represent your business in your local community. Your brand is expressed in your marketing materials, your digital presence, and how you interact with each and every prospect and customer. For the biggest, [...] Read More... The post Brand Your Small Business Like The Big Guys appeared first on Dex Media. …

    Dex Media- 13 readers -
  • Why You Need to Utilize Brand-Driven Storytelling

    … to convey these ideas.” So What Exactly Is a Brand Story? Digital marketing agency Custom Fit Online defines “brand story” as the complete narrative that surrounds a business. Your brand story shows not only how you do business but also why you do it in the first place. It shows how you’re uniquely qualified to help solve your customers’ problems. It’s…

    Growmapin Social Content- 28 readers -
  • How Red Wing Shoes Finds Its Stride in Brand Marketing

    … footwear is not just a fashion statement but a form of protection. Even with a history that spans more than 110 years, the company cannot take for granted that its product will remain front and center with buyers. Dave Schneider, vice president and chief marketing officer with Red Wing Shoes, spoke with Street Fight about keeping the brand connected…

    Street Fightin Paid Search How To's- 15 readers -
  • Digital Marketing: Best Twitter Campaigns of Halloween 2016

    … Halloween Twitter campaign is an excellent representation of how the right creative can make a huge different in the success of your digital marketing strategy. While we typically expect to see ads from candy companies, party stores, and costume retailers this time of year – one from an auto parts retailer was a bit of a curveball. Using…

    ROI Factor Blogin Social- 38 readers -
  • 7 Warning Signs of Failed Marketing and What You Can Do About It

    … is a strong indication that something is missing in your marketing recipe. This problem could be a branding issue, especially if your brand is not established. If your prospects have needs, how would they know about your offering if you have not established yourself? Would they talk to an influencer or someone that they trust? Would they go online…

    Growmapin EMail- 30 readers -
  • What is a Brand?

    … their reputation, repairing their reputation, or making adjustments to their brand. Everything that you produce or that is produced by someone else about your products, services, company, and people impacts your brand. © 2015 DK New Media. …

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 33 readers -
  • 6 Tips for Successful International Expansion

    … homepage translated to French will give you a much higher SEO ranking than a page in English will. 6. Build for the Future with International Expansion It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of startup life and to make decisions that are illegal. For example, if you expand into a new country, you might get caught up with bribing…

    Growmap- 28 readers -
  • Social Should Be Subtle: Ways You’re Misusing Trending Topics

    … It’s hard not to jump on a trend exploding on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone wants their brand to be part of the conversation, but sometimes it pays off more to be selective with social trends. Savvy social managers know your brand should only hop onto what’s trendy if it makes sense. What does that look like? It can look like a lot of things…

    Mary C. Long/ AllTwitterin Social- 24 readers -
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