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  • How to Build a Brand Narrative That Scales

    … do you tell the difference? More importantly, how can you build an approach to storytelling that does more than generate brief buzz? Storytelling as a Strategic Tool For many companies, just the idea of keeping their brands top of mind is enough. If you are the brand manager for Oreos or Doritos, every impression matters. Their content is designed…

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  • 5 Tips to Emotionally Capture Your Readers Through Your Content

    … agency? Take a fresh look at what Relevance can do to elevate your brand. Learn More 3. Use Storytelling Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that you’ll have as a blogger. Stories capture reader emotion by design. They can motivate someone to take action, or simply keep their attention for a prolonged period of time. Stories allow us…

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  • The Best Content Marketing of 2015

    … In his “State of Content Marketing 2016” report, Contently co-founder Shane Snow wrote about content marketing’s “tipping point” taking place right now. Judging by Google search data—the ultimate oracle of our collective wants and needs—interest in content marketing is spiking more right now than ever before. Of course, many brands are already…

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  • The Best Branded Content of November

    The branded content singularity is near. In November, a piece of content marketing rose to the top of the charts. I’m talking, of course, about GE’s fictional podcast, The Message, which tells the story of a group of cryptologists who use GE technology to decode a message spent from space 70 years ago. It rocketed up the iTunes chart to No.

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  • Business Mags Should Be Very Afraid of LinkedIn Lists

    … changing 15 key industries. It’s the first iteration in a new, concerted effort by LinkedIn to release detailed rankings every quarter that make us lose our collective shit. They’re literally calling the initiative LinkedIn Lists. It’s also the latest step in LinkedIn’s quest to become the definitive professional publishing platform, the place where…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    … the industry continuing to fall back on uglier alternatives—like the nearly $15 billion that’ll be spent on programmatic display advertising this year. A world where intrusive advertising rules is one where no one wins—especially not consumers and content creators. And there are five main content marketing problems that keep me up at night…

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  • 21 Content Marketing Predictions for the 2nd Half of 2015

    … agencies (which are way better equipped to help brands build audiences than most digital agencies) and as SaaS companies (as innovative media operations like BuzzFeed and Vox start to license their proprietary software products). We’ll hear “All media companies are becoming SaaS companies, and all SaaS companies are becoming media companies” a lot. —Joe…

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  • Contently Quarterly: The Finance Issue, Spring/Summer 2015

    … I went to a small liberal arts school, 20 miles north of New York City, where everything was about storytelling. At the time, it felt like our work was the farthest thing from what was happening on Wall Street. Yet, as I graduated and eventually fell into a strange but wonderful life covering the new wave of brands becoming publishers here…

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  • The Best Branded Content of May

    … note of in May. A number of brands made us stand up and take notice of their impressive work. Let’s dive in. (Props to Dillon Baker and Julia Schur for helping with research for this month’s roundup.) Net-a-Porter: The Net Set Earlier this year, Forrester’s Nate Elliott released a comprehensive report essentially declaring that Facebook was a terrible…

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  • 5 Ways Design Thinking Can Help You Create a Killer Content Strategy

    … Before Akshay Kothari sold Pulse to LinkedIn for $90 million, he was a reserved electrical engineering grad student at Stanford University. On a whim, he signed up for the introductory Design Thinking Bootcamp at the university’s with his friend and future business partner, computer science grad student Ankit Gupta. The school’s…

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