Brand Strorytelling

  • American Express’ “SPENT” – Storytelling via Documentary

    … Some brands excel at telling the real life stories of their customers via documentary short films. American Express is one such brand. 2 years ago they produced a film about the nearly 70 million Americans locked out of traditional financial services. The aim? to spark a movement for hope and change. American Express cited CFSI’s November…

    Omar Kattan/ Omar Kattan- 17 readers -

    … When you think of Aston Martin, what comes to mind? For me, it’s James Bond and all the exciting car chases. It’s probably what comes to your mind also? But, beyond the James Bond association, the Aston Martin story is actually just as interesting. According to their website: A RICH AND PRESTIGIOUS HERITAGE DEFINES ASTON MARTIN AS SOMETHING…

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  • How Dominos Used The Rebirth Story Plot To Bounce-Back To Glory

    … In a previous post I wrote about the 7 archetypal plots used by brands to tell stories that capture our hearts, minds and imagination. Here’s how Dominos used the Rebirth plot to rebound their brand from failure to glory literally overnight. In the years leading up to 2009 Dominos was facing a product quality crisis with wide-spread criticism…

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