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  • Does Live Video Make Sense for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

    … behind or disenfranchised. Live streams and vanishing videos tap into our collective need to feel part of something – even if that “something” is an exploding watermelon. The rising popularity of live video has given companies an opportunity to get creative and produce content experiences that can’t be missed. They’re using live video to connect…

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  • Want to Get an Accurate Estimate for Your Brand Video? Follow These 4 Tips

    …. Nervous about putting this plan into action? Here is an email that clearly articulates the unknowns and what the client is looking for so that the production company can anticipate the amount of work involved and get you an accurate estimate. Or you can dance your way to nowhere. Your call. Noel Maimu is a producer at the New York video production company Sinema Films. He is a fan of Pedro Almodóvar and all things Brooklyn. …

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