Brand Voice

  • A Guide to Finding Your Brand Voice

    … How important is a brand’s voice? Very! Especially if you’re a content marketer. Your brand voice reflects your core values and communicates your organization’s personality, and is incredibly important when building a relationship with your audience. In fact, a study by Forbes revealed that 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when…

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  • The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan

    … releases. This might mean upgrading to something a little more robust than a simple Excel sheet. 4. Defining your brand voice Defining your brand voice is another way to maintain consistency throughout your content. Putting together a voice and tone guide will differentiate your brand, create a standard that you can measure quality content against…

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  • Making B2B Content Fun to Create, Read and Share

    … off that content treadmill and come jog in the park of personality with those of us having a good time. TAGS: B2B content, B2B content marketing, b2b marketing, borg marketing, brand story, brand voice, content with personality, humanize content, making B2B content fun, making better B2B content, partner, podcasting, storytelling, visual content 39 …

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  • The 8 Characteristics of a “V”ery Good Brand

    … background is engineering. The only color code I cared about was to wire something together. My job was to troubleshoot what was broken and then fix it. Logic and troubleshooting were my skills – and I took those into database marketing and eventually on the web. Analytics were my schematics and I simply troubleshot back to the issues that were…

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  • 5 Things Indirectly Hindering Your Ability to Create Content

    … to stroll in at 10 a.m., take an extended lunch break, and leave around 7 p.m. The moral of the story is to avoid letting rigid schedules kill productivity. Not developing your brand voice Nothing is more debilitating to a writer than not knowing what type of voice or style to use. And how are your writers supposed to know what tone to write in if you…

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  • How to Leverage the Power of Trending Topics

    … (@LilyBaileyUK) April 28, 2015 Love the Google doodle today. #EdBallsDay — James Martin (@Pundamentalism) April 28, 2015 Naturally, UK brands also jumped in on the #EdBallsDay fun. Spotify made an #EdBallsDay playlist. The only playlist you’ll need this #EdBallsDay…

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  • The Rise of the Content-Driven Organization: A Change in Marketers’ Focus

    … Is Business In this context, a common flaw in marketers’ mind-sets is too great of a focus on buyer behavior alone. Instead, taking a more holistic view that examines broader social, psychological and emotional factors shifts this focus to that of behavioral economics. Multiple touch points and the audience’s psychological state-of-mind when encountering…

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  • Turning Social Media Campaigns into Online Sales

    … with your content. Your brand name is getting out there, boosting the strength of your brand, but why did you initially agree to join the social community? Sales. You want your social community to learn more about your product offering, and ultimately convert. Sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog, contact you for more information…

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  • How to Design a Social Media Campaign

    … of the two provides us the information we need.” #5: Be True to Your Company Voice When your audience reads and listens to the content you produce, they’re not only hearing your message, they’re hearing the voice of your company—your tone, language and delivery (i.e., formal vs. conversational). Each time they hear your brand voice, it’s a good bet…

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