Branded Terms

  • Can You Be Squeezing More Out Of Your Brand Campaign?

    …. Everything sounds good so far, but let’s dig deeper. Suppose that a searcher types in “keurig light roast coffee.” We have our brand campaign where we are bidding on an iteration of this term, but not the exact query. We also have a non-brand campaign targeting coffee roast types (light, medium, and dark). Theoretically, if we don’t have “keurig…

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  • Easy Ways To Measure The Value of Branded Campaigns

    … in your branded terms. Make sure when you define this you use at least the ‘Keyword Contains’ and ‘Medium exactly matches cpc’. Creation of Branded Traffic Channel Save the data and then search for “Branded Traffic” and you will get to see a nice chart of all the channels over the time period that included some interaction with your branded CPC…

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