Branded Terms

  • Can You Be Squeezing More Out Of Your Brand Campaign?

    … for this theme so it makes sense to create another ad group and then add “regular” as a negative keyword in the general ad group. Concluding Thoughts There is more than meets the eye with brand campaigns.The inclination is that because brand traffic is generally inexpensive and produces highly positive results, it works fine as is. However, just like you would with non-brand campaigns, always be looking to further segment your keywords. You always want to give searchers the most relevant experience. Related Posts …

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  • Easy Ways To Measure The Value of Branded Campaigns

    … It’s a common occurrence for clients to question the value of brand campaigns. From their perspective they often see a brand campaign as being spend that cannibalizes conversions from the organic listings. We have covered many times on PPC Hero why brand campaigns are important, so I won’t get into selling the importance of the branded…

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