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  • The Impact of Instagram Stories on Influencer Marketing

    … filters, ephemeral nature and adult-proof user experience, it has become the app of choice for millennials and Generation Z. The majority of its users are under 24, and this is its heartland. And it’s hard to imagine those Snapchatters fleeing the platform simply because Instagram now has the same feature. So don’t expect Instagram Stories to actively…

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  • The Rising Cost of Influencer Marketing: How Much Is Too Much?

    … that influencers can be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars just to “take some photos.” Brands are forking out serious cash to access influencers’ audiences, who may otherwise be resistant to their advertising. And those payments have continued to rise each year as brands recognize the effectiveness of influencer marketing. In fact according to SocialPR Chat…

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  • The Biggest Problem With Micro-Influencers (and How to Solve It)

    … 10,000 followers. Others say between 500 and 5,000. Rather than drawing an arbitrary line in the sand and getting caught up in the details of definitions, it’s best to take a look at micro-influencers in terms of what they can do and why they are beneficial for brands. What do diamond rings and micro-influencers have in common? When you see…

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  • How Automation Is Making Influencer Marketing Easier

    … Influencer marketing has come a long way since its inception. In the early days, it was still relatively unproven, and brands were mostly hesitant to invest in influencer-driven campaigns–partly because they weren’t convinced of the value, but also because it was hard. Setting up and managing influencer campaigns could be labor-intensive and time…

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  • Algorithms and Advertising: The Real Impact of Instagram’s Changes

    … really want—high-quality, relevant content. It will require a greater investment of time, energy and money. Integrating paid advertising into your Instagram strategy will gradually become a necessity. And although the party of organic reach isn’t over just yet, the lights are on, the music has been turned down and the cops are on their way: Best to start planning ahead now! Francis Trapp is CEO of Brandnew IO, a platform for global influencer marketing. …

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  • 6 Ways the Changes in Instagram’s Feed Will Impact Brands

    …). By plugging into the Facebook ad platform, Instagram is in a great position to deliver high-quality, targeted advertising to its users. And as the aggregated feed eventually replaces the chronological one, we can expect Instagram ad offerings to become more sophisticated and effective. Brands and businesses looking to market through Instagram…

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