• Everything Wrong With Marketing Speak, in 1 Chart

      At 4:40 pm on Thanksgiving, as I was explaining how I’d found synergy between two family recipes to optimize the juiciness of the turkey, I realized that marketing speak had finally sabotaged my vocabulary. “What are you talking about?” my cousin asked. She was looking at me like I was an alien from a planet where everyone was born with four tentacles and two MBAs.

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    • How Cooking Panda is Dishing up Success with Sponsored Video

      The world of sponsored and branded video content can be hard to negotiate, but some creators have figured out how to team up with complementary brands and produce exciting content both of their audiences love. Cooking Panda is one of them. The food-based media company hasn’t been around very long (it launched in 2015), but Cooking Panda has already made a name for itself in t ...

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  • How the New Media Rebellion in Video is Reshaping the Publishing World

    … for this online publication since July 2011. And until this one, only three of my earlier posts reviewed a book: So, why should video marketers, content creators, publishers, brands, and entrepreneurs spend their incredibly valuable time reading Streampunks? Well, here are the four useful tips, three key trends, two killer stats, five vision things…

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  • Thunder CEO Sees Both Media and Creative Strategy Changing in 2018

    … going to change both the media and the creative strategy. “Location has always been a big part of the story for dynamic creative,” Wong says. “Everything from serving local offers based on who you are and where you are at. That’s always been a fundamental part of the story.” What’s going to change for brands, Wong says, is people-based marketing…

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  • This Psychological Trick Can Make You a More Empathetic Marketer

    … Lazauskas is always on the lookout for brands doing funny things to engage—and he recently shared this tweet from Hamburger Helper, a brand I hadn’t thought of in years: I don’t like this Chris fellow very much. What made Helper’s response so amazing was that the doofy dinner-in-a-box mascot took on the persona of its core clientele. I for one felt…

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  • Why Storytelling Needs to Be at the Heart of Your Online Video Strategy

    … card company tell me that “Mastercard believes we need to stop being great storytellers.” But, boy, was I wrong. How To Break Through to Your Customers Rajamannar defines “storytelling” as talking at consumers. And, since the “Mad Men” era, brands have used advertising to broadcast their stories at a large audience of consumers. But, it’s stopped…

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  • Why Understanding Pain Is the Key to Customer-Centric Marketing

    …, or created your own from scratch. Good on you in either case; these are foundational parts of your strategy. But I also believe that these aggregations of human behavior can take away from our empathy. In one study, psychology researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University gave participants photos of eight children, only with names and ages…

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  • How Jukin Media is Leveraging Original Video Content After Viral Success

    … Here at Tubular Insights, we’ve covered a lot of digital video executives and professionals in our “Day in the Life” series. Experts from the Weather Channel to the BBC have weighed in on what their days are like working in the video industry, and how they managed to grow successful YouTube channels and develop killer video strategies. But now…

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  • Why Your B2B Team Is Investing Too Much in Mobile

    … Judging by the headlines, the mobile revolution is well underway. Last year, Adobe ran a story on titled, “The Moment Is Now: Brands Must Embrace A Mobile-First World.” Think With Google wants to show us “How to Drive Growth in a Mobile-First World.” And a few months ago, Entrepreneur declared that “The Dominance of Mobile Marketing…

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  • The Secret to Measuring the ROI of Brand Sentiment

    … often goes unanswered: What type of relationships are we building? That’s the question Anda Gansca, founder and CEO of Knotch, and Dana Griffin, the company’s CRO, are trying to help brands answer—at scale. At the Cannes Festival of Creativity this past summer, I sat down with Gansca and Griffin to discuss the science of brand sentiment, how…

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  • How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness

    … How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness October 23, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Website analytics are the most popular means of evaluating local marketing for multi-location brands. While that’s a logical tactic for analyzing digital marketing and advertising effectiveness, it hardly presents…

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