• 3 Tips for scalable content marketing

    … be repurposed to deliver maximum ROI. 3) Cut costs and effort with brandscaping A particularly effective approach to creating scalable content marketing strategies is to incorporate brandscaping into your plan. Brandscaping is a content marketing practice where two complementary businesses combine their expertise to create content that is distributed…

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  • Town INC – Book Interview

    … to a niche. They end up selling products and services at higher margins, build legions of loyal customers, and clearly communicate their value in a world filled with commodity content. Q: What was the inspiration for your book? My first book, Brandscaping: Unleashing the power of partnerships, was inspired by all the great partnerships we had built…

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  • Content Marketing: Solving the Brandscaping Mystery

    … If you’re in the know about content marketing, you are aware that ‘brandscaping’ has become a hot topic. But to many people, understanding brandscaping remains a mystery. For those unfamiliar with the term, Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships described it this way: “A process that brings like-minded brands…

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  • Why Single Purpose Apps Are the Future of Mobile Engagement

    Facebook has just launched a new app that will remove the messaging functionality from its primary app and include it instead in a stand-alone messaging app. While some users are frustrated with having to download yet another app (Facebook already has 8 apps), this is the trend we're seeing - specialized applications for specific functionalities. Facebook isn't the only one adopting this trend.

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