• Content Marketing Platform BuzzSumo Acquired by Brandwatch

      It’s no mystery that I’m a big fan of BuzzSumo. I’ve been a customer since they launched and have advocated for the platform in blog posts, interviews and marketing presentations all over the world – including keynoting at the BuzzSumo ContentSEO conference in New York. I’ve also been a fan of Brandwatch after my pal Richard Bagnall introduced me to the CEO, Giles Palmer.

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  • How Twitter Users Feel About Their Jobs (Report)

    … According to the most recent Gallup data, 70 percent of American workers are disengaged at work. There are lots of compounding factors that play into how people feel about their jobs, including location, industry and even whether or not they’re part of the emerging gig economy. Last year, Monster and Brandwatch launched their first annual job…

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  • Retail Workers in Ohio, Delaware, Texas Hate Their Jobs (Infographic)

    … that retail workers are the most unhappy with their jobs. Among the top 10 job-hating cities, the most common jobs were in the retail industry. Nevada ranked as the state where workers are most happy, as did Arizona and Ohio, which were both among the top five job-hating states. Likewise, Los Angeles was the No. 1 city where people expressed job…

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  • Where Will You Find The Happiest Twitter Users on Earth?

    … Despite recent growing pains, Twitter still generates a wealth of data that can tell us all kinds of things about its users. Last week, we examined where the most hateful Twitter users live; this week we take a look at where the happiest Twitter users in the world are. Brandwatch, a provider of social listening and analytics tools, listened…

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  • Donald Trump Swept Super Tuesday on Facebook and Twitter

    … 221,000 Ben Carson: more than 45,000 John Kasich: more than 26,00 Here’s a look at Twitter sentiment data around the candidates. Among Republicans, tweets about Cruz had the highest percentage of positive sentiment, while Sanders paced Democrats in positivity. In the month leading up to Super Tuesday, Trump was (by a large margin) the most-talked…

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  • In Absence, Donald Trump Still Dominated #GOPDebate on Social

    … The biggest storyline surrounding the most recent Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa was the absence of frontrunner Donald Trump. The no-show certainly didn’t hurt Trump on social, where he still was the most-talked-about candidate — despite not being on stage. New metrics from SocialFlow and Brandwatch show how Trump’s non-presence loomed…

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  • $1.5 Billion Powerball Drew 1.2 Million Tweets on Wednesday

    … The largest Powerball jackpot ever got quite a few people thinking about what they’d do with all those winnings. According to Brandwatch, there were more than 1.2 million tweets Wednesday talking about the Powerball jackpot, including ambitious hashtags such as #IfIWonPowerball. That hashtag alone was used roughly 237,000 times Wednesday…

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