• Meet the New Market Research Executive: the Social Consumer Market Insights Professional

    … role should be respected and, more important, assimilated throughout any organization striving to understand their consumers. The power of social CMI to drive business enablement is immeasurable and, ultimately, it can lead to unprecedented success. Rebecca Carson is the head of research services at social media monitoring firm Brandwatch. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • How Twitter Users Feel About Their Jobs (Report)

    …, the industry is not feeling the love so much anymore. In fact, among top 10 states for job dissatisfaction, nursing was one of the most frequently listed jobs. Overall, food and beverage industry workers are still pretty unhappy with their work, as are retail and finance industry workers. The happiest workers appear to be those in the education, travel and health care fields. To see more data about peak job love or hate, check out the interactive infographic. And for a deeper dive, download the full report. …

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  • Retail Workers in Ohio, Delaware, Texas Hate Their Jobs (Infographic)

    …. The good news is that most people tweet about loving their jobs. However, Ohio is the state where people are most likely to express job hate. When broken down by city, people in Houston and Los Angeles tweet most often about hating their jobs. Interestingly, the Hloom study echos that of a midyear study by Monster and Brandwatch, which indicates…

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  • Where Will You Find The Happiest Twitter Users on Earth?

    … to millions of conversations to uncover how people talk about both good and bad days online, and described their general outlook on life. Globally, English speaking countries including Australia, Ireland, and the U.K. were more likely to talk about their good days rather than bad. In the U.S., the West and South were more likely to express…

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  • In Absence, Donald Trump Still Dominated #GOPDebate on Social

    … The biggest storyline surrounding the most recent Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa was the absence of frontrunner Donald Trump. The no-show certainly didn’t hurt Trump on social, where he still was the most-talked-about candidate — despite not being on stage. New metrics from SocialFlow and Brandwatch show how Trump’s non-presence loomed…

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  • $1.5 Billion Powerball Drew 1.2 Million Tweets on Wednesday

    … The largest Powerball jackpot ever got quite a few people thinking about what they’d do with all those winnings. According to Brandwatch, there were more than 1.2 million tweets Wednesday talking about the Powerball jackpot, including ambitious hashtags such as #IfIWonPowerball. That hashtag alone was used roughly 237,000 times Wednesday…

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  • Twitter Launches Official Partner Program

    …, and consulting and agency services. Currently Twitter has only admitted companies that provide the highest quality solutions; however, the company is searching for new, innovative partners to add to the program. Companies already involved like Brandwatch, a social media listening and analytics platform, are excited for the opportunities they see…

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  • Food and Beverage Industry Missing Out on Social Opportunity

    … industry. The report notes: Restaurant, food & beverage businesses, operating at the mercy of consumers’ shifting tastes and preferences, face a rising imperative to proactively listen, understand, and respond to their consumers’ opinions and interests. Social media, both instant and highly public, provides brands with the significant…

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