Brett Evans

  • The 4 Principles of Creating Desire in the Sales Process

    … The last time we did a podcast with Brett Evans, we heard his amazing advice on the Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Effective Prospecting Emails. Brett returns with another amazing interview where he walks through 4 principles to keep handy in the sales process for creating desire with your prospect. Sales is not simply a process, it’s also a mindset…

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Effective Prospecting Emails

    … see them. Crystal Knows – Where Charlie finds research, Crystal Knows analyzes the personality type of your recipient. This can help you tailor the conversation to increase engagement and likelihood of response. It can also provide input into the differences and similarities of your personalities. Oh… and it’s pretty scary how accurate it is! Brett also discusses a fantastic prospecting email that he recieved that worked well. I’d recommend following Brett Evans on Twitter as well! © 2016 DK New Media. …

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