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  • Pay-Per-Click for Beginners by: Brian Newmark

    … or Chitika (only for very large campaigns). But having alternatives and options does not add up to success, as some of these networks might not work for your products or niche. Each one has its own best uses and quirkes. I’ve come to develop my own strategies and keep doing what works. So, doing a small test with a limited budget will reveal what…

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  • Why PPC May NOT Be For You by Brian Newmark

    … Why PPC May NOT Be For You, by Brian Newmark Lately I’ve had a lot of people write to me with something like: Brian Newmark, should I utilize PPC to help grow my business? My reply is typically: PPC is great, but… It can bring instant traffic to your site. The traffic can be absolutely targeted as per your demographic requirements. You can…

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  • PPC and What It Means For a Blogger, by: Brian Newmark

    … specific blog, you want to target single women, why would you want people that are not interested in your blog? There are many benefits of PPC for a blogger and as a blogger one should use this marketing tool to reach their targeted audience. I have utilized PPC as a tool to build traffic to my Brian Newmark Marketing blog and achieved excellent results. …

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