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  • Increase Your Income Utilizing Pay Per Click, by Brian Newmark

    …, but for products which high enough price tags the conversion makes sense. If the campaign is targeted properly it will give you clicks that will cost pennies but convert into bigger dollars. There are many sites like commission junction, eBay or Clickback which has endless affiliate products to sell and earn commission. However, individual sites…

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  • Pay-Per-Click for Beginners by: Brian Newmark

    … requires research, funds and patience. Things can do wrong; mistakes can be minimized but not completely eliminated. One has to be prepared for losses in a PPC campaign. There is a lot of potential in PPC and the more you research, the better will be the results. For other of my insight, please visit my more active blog about Content Marketing By Brian Newmark …

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  • Why PPC May NOT Be For You by Brian Newmark

    … in their own way. If they are providing more conversions then why go for the expense. Why spend money if the free or low cost option giving you a similar returns. Remember, it is the ROI that matters the most. If PPC isn’t giving you enough returns, just dump the whole PPC idea. By: Brian Newmark Brian Newmark is based in Villanova, PA. He…

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  • PPC and What It Means For a Blogger, by: Brian Newmark

    … specific blog, you want to target single women, why would you want people that are not interested in your blog? There are many benefits of PPC for a blogger and as a blogger one should use this marketing tool to reach their targeted audience. I have utilized PPC as a tool to build traffic to my Brian Newmark Marketing blog and achieved excellent results. …

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