• How to Monetize Your Video Content on Every Screen

    … traffic will double between 2013 and 2018, and live broadcasts will increasingly drive second-screen traffic. For content owners looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of online video viewership, hybrid ad-insertion and advanced player-management technology are providing new opportunities. Albert Lai is the chief technology officer of cloud-based video solution Brightcove. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • Six Actionable SEO Tips You Can Discover From Every SERP

    … the only algorithmic influence that has produced the higher ranking from BrightCove. But we must at least admit that it has some level of influence. Furthermore, we have to acknowledge that if SpotXChange were to produce a similar page with closer URL relevance, it might achieve higher ranking. 3. Understand What Kind of Results are Favored…

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  • 5 Rules For Video Content Marketing In 2015

    … to put them. Vimeo, Brightcove, YouTube, and other video hosting sites are an option. However, they might not be your best choice if you want to retain complete control over your content and what ads (if any) are shown alongside it. Housing your video in an on-site content management system is a better bet. From there you can set up on other…

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  • 4 big myths about video, busted

    … for advertising, and now we have this wave of companies who see consumers are comfortable paying for online video, so they’re launching subscription video on-demand and over-the-top services. There have been several major players entering the space [such as CBS and HBO] in just the last month and a half.” Myth: Simple pricing is best for subscription…

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  • SEO Friendly Video Content

    … results, you must make these assets discoverable and as relevant to the keywords as possible. This includes adding a unique title, meta description, play page URL, thumbnail URL, and a raw video file or player URL. 2: Look before you leap Think outside the box – upload all content to Vimeo, Brightcove or a similar product – don’t just limit yourself…

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  • Why YouTube isn’t enough for publishers

    … total backing to $25.6 million. You may not have heard of JW Player, but more than 2 million sites use its player to serve videos to roughly 900 million people every month, according to the company. It turns out there are video options for publishers outside YouTube. It joins a market already crowded with the likes of Brightcove and Ooyala. When you…

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  • Reasons Why You Should Not Host Your Own Video

    …)? Deice Detection – cloud video hosting platforms will detect your connectivity and viewport to optimize the quality of the video for your viewers. That provides an excellent user experience for users who are on very fast connections or slow connections alike. It not only ensures that the video is streamed as quickly as possible, it also minimizes…

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