Broadband Global Area Network

The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global satellite internet network with telephony using portable terminals. The terminals are normally used to connect a laptop computer to broadband Internet in remote locations, although as long as line-of-sight to the satellite exists, the terminal can be used anywhere. The value of BGAN terminals is that unlike other satellite Internet services which require bulky and heavy satellite dishes to connect, a BGAN terminal is about the size of a laptop and thus can be carried easily. The network is provided by Inmarsat and uses three geostationary satellites called I-4 to provide almost global coverage.
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  • Coming Together to Fight Ebola

    …. These terminals, called Broadband Global Area Network devices, communicate via satellite and provide mobile broadband and telephony services. Focusing on areas where there is little to no existing communications capacity, NetHope will deploy these terminals to help medical and aid workers with contact tracing, communication, case management…

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