Budget Allocation

  • Converting SEO Non-Believers: How To Overcome Objections And Get The Budget

    … and promises of top rankings aren’t going to be enough to win the day. Thankfully, years of experience have taught me a few ways to break through common pushbacks (e.g., “IT has got it covered,” or “We would get that traffic anyway.“) or persuade those with the general preference to spend on other channels (like SEM or print). Analytics Let’s start…

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 26 readers -
  • How To Do Attribution Modeling & Budget Allocation

    … In my last post, I covered customer lifetime value calculations and how to leverage CLV to identity high- and low-value audience segments. One of the most effective use cases for CLV is around budget allocation. Combining channel attribution modeling and CLV calculations, we can make highly calculated decisions around which channels are over…

    Benny Blum/ Marketing Land- 22 readers -
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