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    • 23 Mind Blowing Real Estate Marketing Statistics: 2017 Update

      Our 2016 post for “28 Eye-Popping Real Estate Marketing Statistics” is a popular post among Home Builders and Real Estate companies. There is no doubt that internet marketing is necessary to attract home buyers and sellers. Here is an update to our previous post based on the most recently released stats.

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  • Content Distribution Channels for Home Builders

    … Make sure the content includes social media share buttons, so if viewers enjoy your content they can easy share it and spread the word about your business. This is especially crucial for home builders who often share project photos and videos – viewers love to share this type of content. Share the content directly to all your social media…

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  • 2017 Marketing Plan – Trends for Home Builders to Consider

    … the shift – Surban. A drone video of the community would be a unique way to capture and communicate the design of the community. It could follow a story of a typical day in life and follow a pedestrian on the walk to work, visiting the local coffee shop, listening to street entertainers and all the encounters in a day. The inbound marketing…

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  • 2017 Marketing Plans: What Are You Going to Do Different?

    … Template If you have not created a marketing plan, use our marketing planning templates or our marketing budget tool kit for Real Estate, Vacation Rentals or Home Builders to organize everything you will need to start your marketing journey. These templates use SMART goals; to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. SMART goals…

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  • What You Need to Know About Houzz Directory Changes for Pros

    Houzz recently announced an update to the way it displays “Pros” on the sites directory. This change has come after much research and the discovery that Houzz users are more likely to contact a professional when they can see that the professional is active in their neighborhood, and when they can see the details of the professional’s current projects in their area.

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  • Home Builders Have You Joined These Linkedin Groups?

    …. Not only are posts related to building, but industry insiders also share their business’s marketing and sales strategies. Below are a few of the most popular groups for home builders and professionals to join on Linkedin. National Association of Home Builders This association is a Washington DC based network whose broad mission is to enhance…

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  • Best Videos for Home Builders in Digital Marketing – Do You Use All 3 Types?

    … Are you interested in how your homebuilding company can use video to reach out to potential home buyers? Effective video content can be more difficult to create than some might expect. Check out these three types of videos and how they can benefit your home building company. Aerial Footage Drones are now taking flight for home builders seeking…

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  • 3 Home Building Industry Influencers to Follow on Social Media

    … in all areas of the home building industry. Jenkins Custom Homes has won the Custom Builder of the Year for the state of Texas 3 times. The company has also won Best architectural design ($1-$1.99M), Best master bathroom ($1-$1.99M), Best new custom home ($1-$1.99M), Best outdoor living space and Best online advertisement: Twitter Facebook…

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  • Website Content Ideas for Successful Home Builder Marketing

    … for Home Builders. Need help creating an inbound marketing strategy for your company? Contact the home builder marketing experts at Paveya at 855-372-8392. The post Website Content Ideas for Successful Home Builder Marketing appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • How to Use Instagram for Home Builder Marketing

    … Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the United States and across the world. To date, Instagram has more than 500 MILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS, up from 300 million in a little less than a year! The audience on Instagram covers a wide variety of users ranging in age and gender. This makes Instagram a popular choice…

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  • Website Design Success for Real Estate Company

    … A real estate web site must deliver more than just pretty houses -you have to include content and local information to pull traffic into your site and separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. You also need to build trust, provide value, and solve first-time customers and repeat customers’ problems if you want to be able to convert your…

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  • Website Redesign Success for Custom Home Building Company

    … (SEO) and social media marketing, would allow them to reach their desired audience: the sophisticated home buyer in the Oklahoma City real estate market. Together with Chris Lee Homes, Paveya designed a brand new website and launched it within 6 weeks. In conjunction with the launch, Paveya has since then provided SEO, a content marketing strategy…

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  • Inbound Marketing Trends for Home Builders in 2016

    … some marketing ideas that home builders can use to focus on attracting and delighting target customers this year. User-Generated Content User-generated content is huge now. It has the ability to drive a significant amount of organic traffic to your website and social media pages. The content can be anything from photos submitted by users…

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  • Why Should My Home Building Company Invest in Pinterest?

    As a home builder, how many times have you had someone show you a “pin” they found on Pinterest and said, “This is how I want my (insert feature here)”? If you create and develop a strong presence on Pinterest for your home building company, it will be your pins that your potential clients are coming across, and that could mean the difference in them choosing your company or choosing someone el.

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  • Advice for Home Builders on Building a Blog

    … Today, even a beautiful, informative website is not enough to attract new leads and customers. At this very moment, your potential clients are searching the internet for quality content that you have to offer, but are they finding it? So how do home builders establish themselves as a local voice of authority? Inbound marketing—a content-driven…

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  • Model Homes Won’t Make the Sale On Their Own

    … and innovation. Who knows, maybe you’ll like what you read and need help with a problem down the road. That’s the exact mindset of Inbound Marketing as well. As a home builder, how many times have you had a manufacturer rep. contact you from their sales department trying to sell you something or undercut a business you’ve worked with for years and feel loyal…

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