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    • What You Need to Know About Houzz Directory Changes for Pros

      Houzz recently announced an update to the way it displays “Pros” on the sites directory. This change has come after much research and the discovery that Houzz users are more likely to contact a professional when they can see that the professional is active in their neighborhood, and when they can see the details of the professional’s current projects in their area.

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    • 2017 Marketing Plans: What Are You Going to Do Different?

      Marketing is both an art and a science. The art is the creative and thinking “outside the box”. The science is evaluating what we have done to find what works and what doesn’t. So, before you start your 2017 Marketing Plan take the time to determine what you need to do different this year versus last year.

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  • Home Builders Have You Joined These Linkedin Groups?

    … with the home building industry. Custom Home Builder & Remodeler Insiders An exclusive group for remodelers and custom builders. They discuss cutting edge resources and how to grow their business using inbound marketing and sales systems. This group focuses on modern buying trends, emerging industry topics, lead generation best practices…

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  • Best Videos for Home Builders in Digital Marketing – Do You Use All 3 Types?

    … and trends is an exceptional tool in digital marketing. You can increase the chances of a potential client contacting your homebuilding company by providing informative videos to answer questions for the products and services you offer. For more advice on internet marketing for home builders, or for help with your own home building marketing strategy, give us a call or check out our digital marketing blog. The post Best Videos for Home Builders in Digital Marketing – Do You Use All 3 Types? appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • 3 Home Building Industry Influencers to Follow on Social Media

    … The home building industry is heating up in many locations around the country. In some places it is getting difficult to find labor. While this is good news for the economy and good news for the industry; it is more important than ever to stay on top of the trends and news. Below we have highlighted 3 home building influencers to follow…

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  • Website Content Ideas for Successful Home Builder Marketing

    … for Home Builders. Need help creating an inbound marketing strategy for your company? Contact the home builder marketing experts at Paveya at 855-372-8392. The post Website Content Ideas for Successful Home Builder Marketing appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • How to Use Instagram for Home Builder Marketing

    … every day. Builders who are not participating in this great platform could be missing great opportunities to connect with potential buyers with minimal work. Take these tips and integrate into your Instagram campaign to improve home sales! The post How to Use Instagram for Home Builder Marketing appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • Website Design Success for Real Estate Company

    … found by this large group of people who are out there searching for homes in your market by way of a mobile device. Video Integration One of the biggest trends in internet marketing in 2016 is the use of Video. Real estate web sites are an ideal fit for using video creatively and effectively. Buying and selling real estate can be very emotional…

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  • Website Redesign Success for Custom Home Building Company

    … to their website, increasing their chance to convert them into leads and sales. For more advice on website design, content creation, or for any other internet marketing solutions for home builders, check out our regularly updated Builders & New Home Marketing blog! Want to see more? Browse our portfolio of website designs here! The post Website Redesign Success for Custom Home Building Company appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • Inbound Marketing Trends for Home Builders in 2016

    … and a conclusion will engage viewers and give them motivation to come back for more. For home builders, episodic content should be easy to produce, as every house that you work on is a story in itself. Take a little extra time to document these stories, whether by writing blog articles, taking photos, or creating videos. Not only will this content engage…

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  • Why Should My Home Building Company Invest in Pinterest?

    As a home builder, how many times have you had someone show you a “pin” they found on Pinterest and said, “This is how I want my (insert feature here)”? If you create and develop a strong presence on Pinterest for your home building company, it will be your pins that your potential clients are coming across, and that could mean the difference in them choosing your company or choosing someone el.

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  • Advice for Home Builders on Building a Blog

    … Today, even a beautiful, informative website is not enough to attract new leads and customers. At this very moment, your potential clients are searching the internet for quality content that you have to offer, but are they finding it? So how do home builders establish themselves as a local voice of authority? Inbound marketing—a content-driven…

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  • Model Homes Won’t Make the Sale On Their Own

    … today, but it no longer has to be the only way. How do you increase traffic as well as stay on the forefront of people’s minds long after they leave your model home? Your marketing efforts and strategy need to be focused on increasing your sales qualified leads as well as lead nurturing with thoughtful educational content that will build trust between…

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  • Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Any Company

    … will be distributing content that will relate you directly to your buyer persona. Offer Special Discounts As a way to say “thank you,” offer your customers a limited-time discount on your services or products. If you have an online store, advertise the promo code “thank you” for your customers to use on your eCommerce website. If you have a vacation rental…

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  • 5 Steps to Home Builder Content Marketing SUCCESS!

    … As a part of a well-balanced inbound marketing diet, you must include nourishing elements in order for your efforts to pay off. Search Engine Optimization strategies make up the meat and potatoes of the internet marketing pyramid, encompassing practices like keyword research and optimization, social media marketing and the reigning supreme…

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  • Great Ideas for Starting Your Own Blog

    … When it comes to marketing, a blog attached to your website can be one of your biggest and most cost-effective assets. Starting a blog is exciting and it’s free! Sure, you can get more involved with templates and get help from Paveya to really boost your content, consistency, and SEO reach. But if you really just wanted to get started today…

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  • Maximize the Power of Facebook Ads for Your Home Building Company

    … Marketing your business has never been more complex than it is today. There are seemingly endless options to choose from when it comes to getting your company’s message out to reach potential home buyers. Print ads, billboards, radio spots, and television commercials all still have their place in the market today, but one area where marketing…

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