Bullet Journal

  • Productivity in 2015: Save Your Sanity

    … I LOVE my bullet journal, but its tasks exist as lists, and it’s all too easy to migrate tasks. You jot tasks down as you think of them. You can prioritize, but you get used to glancing at the day’s list, and are lulled into complacency. You’re aware that you should be doing your Priority One task, but you get caught up in less important tasks…

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  • Freeform Bullet Journal Tips

    … Several readers have asked me for bullet journal tips. I said: “Do it the way that makes the most sense for you.” That’s the beauty of bullet journaling, you can do what you like. You’re not constrained to dinky little boxes, or even to a day per page. And you can use as many pages as you like per day, and can be as messy, or as structured…

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  • Goal Setting Simplicity: Bullet Journal Wins

    … more. I found apps which were either too complicated, or had social integration, or were unappealing to me in other ways. Apps may work for you. If you’re looking for apps, check out Michael Hyatt’s list of seven goal achievement apps. At the end of it all, I decided that… I’m Sticking With My Bullet Journal Why? Because for me, setting goals…

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  • Time Management, Self-Management: Bullet Journaling

    … doing what works. Unfortunately, my diaries, journals, binders, and planners were a long way from being a real system. Not only did I have more paper notebooks than I could keep track of, I also had a blizzard of sticky notes on my bulletin board, my library shelves, and on just about any flat surface. Although I’d been hearing about the bullet…

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  • Productivity Tools: a Bullet Journal Makes You Smarter

    If you want to be productive, you need good productivity tools. Not only can the right tools save you time, they can make you smarter as well. I’ve always been interested in productivity software; I used to review software for computer magazines, back in the day. Hands down, my favorite productivity app of all time is the dear departed Lotus Agenda.

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  • Writing Journal 37: Bullet Journaling

    …-inducing, because this client has been with me for years. How could this happen? I use OmniFocus, Things, Evernote, and my handwritten journals. After I stopped slapping myself upside the head, I decided to implement a bullet journaling process. Not only because of the missed project, but also because I forget to add ideas, insights and inspirations…

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