• BumeBox Live Prompter: Cue Cards for Facebook Live

    …. This will make live video events easier to navigate and more engaging because it will reinforce authentic conversation while eliminating dead air. Extra TV will debut Live Prompter with a Facebook Live question-and-answer session with We the Kings, one of the headliners for this year’s Vans Warped Tour, at the Troubador in Los Angeles Saturday. Readers: What are your initial impressions of Live Prompter from BumeBox? …

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  • Bumebox Solo Gives Public Figures More Control Over Social Q&As

    … Q&A is one of the most interactive uses of social media, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner repairman on Reddit, or a celebrity on Twitter or Facebook. The issue with many social Q&As is the tendency for off topic or useless content to crowd out the genuine fans. A new service from BumeBox called Solo aims to elevate Facebook Q&…

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  • BumeBox Simplifies Facebook Q&As for Celebrities

    … One of the most effective ways for celebrities and public figures to drive engagement on Facebook is by hosting question-and-answer sessions, and conversational marketing platform BumeBox – a new partner in the social network’s Public Content Solutions program — is making the launching and moderation of those Q&As easier via its social…

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