A burrito (US English /bəˈritoʊ/, About this sound buˈrito ), or taco de harina [ˈtako ðe aˈɾina], is a type of Mexican-American food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling. (In contrast, a taco is generally formed by simply folding a tortilla in half around a filling, leaving the semicircular perimeter open.) The flour tortilla is usually lightly grilled or steamed, to soften it and make it more pliable. In Mexico, meat and refried beans are sometimes the only fillings.
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  • Best Practices For Using Physical Objects In Your Marketing Efforts

    … the writer Jonathan Safran Foer pitched CEO Steve Ells on his idea to include original short stories on their cups, the burrito makers were all aboard. By utilizing previously blank space with entertaining and engaging content, Chipotle was able to provide a unique experience to its customers, stand out from its competitors, and generate positive press. 5…

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  • Can a new customization scheme bail out McDonald’s?

    …. (McDonald’s may regret having fully divested from the burrito chain in 2006.) More recently, Pizza Hut’s fresh rebrand features new artisanal pizzas inspired by customer feedback, among other things. Industry executives and analysts acknowledge that “Create your Taste” is a move to appease the new breed of customers, who are more involved than ever…

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  • The Best Branded Content of 2014

    … times, I can’t deny that I’m craving a White Russian. (Insert alcoholic writer joke here.) Chipotle: “Farmed and Dangerous” Forget the soap opera; it’s all about the burrito opera. (I’ll take mine with sour cream and a sense of regret!) Chipotle aired a four-episode web series on Hulu beginning in February, and though it wasn’t Breaking Bad…

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  • 2014’s Most Popular Articles, Podcasts + Courses

    … day email series we created to help anyone launch a project. A book. A blog. A burrito. Whatever. It’s a killer kick in the pants. 181 comments, 144 words Note: This list was defined by the posts with the most visits. All of them roughly share the normal time on page for our site (around 4min). My Favorites A few of my favorite posts didn’t hit…

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  • Eating with John Chow – Real Food Daily

    … movement by taking two different California trends — vegetarian foods and organic seasonal cooking — and came up with a cuisine that is as interesting and delicious as it is healthful. In June of 1993, Ann opened Real Food Daily as a sit-down restaurant in Santa Monica, which was where we had lunch. The West Hollywood location opened in 1998…

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  • 3 Ways to Shift Away from Over Messaging

    … than just the company’s offerings. Look no further than Larry Ellison, who made waves by announcing he would step down from his 37 year leadership role at Oracle. Ellison said lots of things, many of them controversial for the IT industry, but they made you think. Oracle’s results only validated him, and his enterprise software company. 3) Build…

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