Burt'S Bees

Burt's Bees is an American personal care products subsidiary of Clorox that describes itself as an "Earth friendly, Natural Personal Care Company"making products for personal care, health, beauty, and personal hygiene. As of 2007, they manufactured over 197 products for facial and body skin care, lip care, hair care, baby care, men's grooming, and outdoor remedies distributed in nearly 30,000 retail outlets including grocery stores and drug store chains across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan from their headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.
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    … the Burt’s Bees billboard below: OOH catches viewers’ attention at points of wait, like bus stops and checkout lines. “When people see messaging that appeals to them in the context of what they’re doing, that’s extremely powerful for building brand equity and eventually driving purchases,” says Dominick Porco, CEO of grocery video screen ad platform Impax…

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