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Business 2.0 was a monthly magazine publication founded by magazine entrepreneur Chris Anderson, Mark Gross, and journalist James Daly in order to chronicle the rise of the "New Economy". First published in July 1998, the magazine failed to make sufficient profit and was shut down; the final issue being published in October 2007.
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  • The Uberification of the “1099 Economy”

    …, some ODLS apps are a full blown startup kit in a box. That sidesteps overhead costs endemic to the enterprise service models we’ve known for centuries. In micro terms, that will do cool things like improve unit economics and pass savings to consumers, as we’re seeing with apps like In macro terms, it could be an economic inflection point…

    Michael Boland/ Street Fight- 19 readers -
  • Is Apple Pay Set to Power On-demand Local Services?

    … the brand, marketing muscle and it owns the user touch point through all kinds of iThings. Put another way, if fragmentation in app-based local transactions doesn’t exist to compel Apple Pay, maybe Apple pay will compel it. And there once again, it all comes back to a classic chicken and egg scenario. It wouldn’t be a local topic without one. Michael Boland is chief analyst and VP of content at BIA/Kelsey. Previously, he was a tech journalist for Forbes, Red Herring, Business 2.0, and other outlets. …

    Michael Boland/ Street Fight- 5 readers -
  • Is Apple Pay Fixing a Problem Consumers Don’t Have?

    … be Apple Pay’s biggest strength. It’s highly encrypted and more secure than plastic. Store associates or restaurant servers can’t see the numbers, bypassing today’s greatest source of credit card fraud. It also should be noted in fairness that Apple landed several retail partners. But that could be its classic halo effect; the same reason brands lined…

    Michael Boland/ Street Fightin Social YouTube- 12 readers -
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