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    • 9 Business Communication Skills Every Professional Should Master

      Communication is a critical element in all aspects of life including the workplace. Some business communication skills are necessary for the success of any business. Any professional who masters these communication skills will be able to work smart and deliver the intended results. This article presents nine communication skills that every professional has to master.

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  • The language of business: What you’re selling may be not be what they’re buying

    … Sometimes I get concerned when my friends get caught in the social media bubble and start to lose touch with the language of real business. In this short video, I give some advice that might help you make progress with your internal and external customers: Sometimes what we’re selling is not necessarily what they’re buying! If you can’t view…

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  • 10 Things You Need to Do Before Starting Your Own Business

    … or Skype. Also at this site are many free workshops, webinars, and templates all focused on helping entrepreneurs successfully start and grow a business. 7. Write a business plan Starting a business is difficult and risky; it’s easy to spend all your time and resources at it. Having a written plan with your projected results and personal goals…

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  • 3 Common Business Plan Myths Your Business Can Stop Falling For

    … should be updated at least once a year, taking into account all of your market and competitor changes and challenges/opportunities. A business plan is a necessary step but not a guarantee for obtaining funds. Looking for more business planning advice? Find all of Hal’s business advice on the Constant Contact Blog here. About the author: Hal…

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  • Don’t Let Building Your Small Business Up, Run You Down

    … the series of guest posts work-life balance expert Jeff Davidson has written for my website. While you build your small business up, don’t let your small business run you down. Do you have any advice for business owners struggling to find a better work-life balance? I’d love to hear from you. Post your tips in the comments below. About the Author…

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  • 6 ways to keep your small business productive this summer

    … Glory be! For once the British weather is having a fabulous go at being summery. But the season of red arms and black sausages can be difficult for small businesses. Half of your team jet off on their summer jollies, while the other half are dreaming of sitting by the river the moment the sun comes out. Here are six tips for keeping your team…

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  • Doing Business in Bunny Slippers Around the Globe

    … When I first started my business, like many start-up operations, I decided to work from home. I equipped an empty bedroom with a card table for a desk, cardboard boxes for filing cabinets and my dogs served as my office assistants. Voila! I was ready to roll, and it was great. I could go to work in my fuzzy pink robe and bunny slippers. After…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Business Leaders Need to Be Social

    … With graduation season upon us, the team at Kayak can look back on the past few years with a great deal of pride. We might not be donning robes, handing out diplomas, or giving commencement speeches, but we have trained a lot of business people in the practice of "being social" on social media. And in some cases, that training might be worth…

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  • Why The Customer is Not Always Right

    … I don’t know if whomever came up with the expression, “the customer is always right”, is more deserving of our scorn or pity. This misguided soul must have had a challenging time running their business, catering to every client's wish and whim. If you've ever lost sleep over a client service issue, you'll know exactly what I mean. Here…

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  • Your Network Transcends Time – Care For It

    … Every year around this year I fly to Arizona and attend the IAB Annual Meeting, a confab of 1000+ executives in the interactive media business. Yes, it’s a rubber-chicken boondoggle – what ballroom-based warm-climated event in February isn’t? – but I go because I get to catch up with dozens of colleagues and friends, and I usually connect…

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  • Is Your Business Website Collecting Dust?

    … your business website's pages need to change with time. If you want to make a contribution online and influence your search engine results while improving conversions with a better business website, you need to pay attention to the signals your website maintenance is sending to readers and search engines. But what do you refresh, and when? There…

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  • Marketing and Sales Advice From Kony 2012

    … If you have a home business, there is a lot that you can learn about Marketing and Sales for the Kony 2012 video. Did you expect your business success to happen overnight, and it didn’t? Did you think your product would “sell itself”, and it isn’t? Or Did you assume that product will be a sales hit because people will will just talk about…

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